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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- What a week!

- It seems like it snowed non-stop wherever I was this week.

- Leah and I went to Vermont for two and a half days for her dad’s 60th birthday!

- He doesn’t seem like 60 years old.

- 60 is the new forty!

- Vermont had four feet of snow on the ground and got another few inches while we were there.

- I played the game Rockband for the first time! I just couldn’t get the hang of it.

- UNITED was Sunday night!

- We had over 200 students!

- Many (about 15) made a decision to accept Christ into their life!

- Even more (about 60) made a decision to step it up in their faith!

- It is always a privilege for me to speak at UNITED! It helps me face my fears, and trust in God.

- We are hoping to have over a hundred students in Connection Groups!

- I am pretty tired!

- I will blog more about what I spoke about at UNITED this week (How we spend out lives).

- In a lifetime, theĀ average human eats 80 insects during their sleep. 10 of them are spiders! What I want to know is who counts in order to know that?

- I think I woke up one night this week when a spider must have crawled in. I just grabbed a glass of water and choked it down! One down and ? more to go!