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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- I’ve had a blog now for a few weeks…I’m still trying to get the hang of it.

- Thanks for your patience! :)

- Is winter over yet?!

- Leah and I got to meet with some of our adult leaders with NSM this past week! They are awesome people with a heart for students!

- We officially started our summer camp promotions!

- We couldn’t of had a better camp promotion than what we had this weekend! Devin Cremeans is the bomb! Watch the service to see what I mean! (It will be up by Tuesday)

- With just the people I spoke to, it seems like we already have at least 30 students going to each of our camps!!!! It’s only March!!! What if we brought 100 students? Can that happen?

- I got to go to all three of our NC campuses on Sunday! It was amazing to literally see one church in three different locations all doing the same thing! I still haven’t really processed all of that yet!

- I got to hang out with Dave Howe (Brian‘s brother), which is always a good time!

- Brian, Dave and I are all going to a camp planning meeting on Monday and Tuesday at Nyack College. I’m sharing a room with them so I’m going to let them share a bed, although that never seems to happen! :)

- I always look forward to hanging out with other youth pastors.

- Okay, the last few things had nothing to do with a weekly RE-CAP…but I guess it does qualify as “thoughts”.

- I’m thinking about starting a “clean humor” website of funny videos and pictures. As many of you know, I have thousands of them!

- Leah is still the best cook (on her nights, which seems to have been all of them this week) Sorry, Leah! I’ll try and step it up this week, and I’ll even do more than microwave hot dogs (Noooo! I do better than that…sometimes!). :)

- Another great week!