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Weekly Recap / Thoughts

- Spring is Here!

- I’m struggling with ill feelings towards some birds that hang out outside my windows! Not only do they wake me up every morning at 5am, but they also leave nice little white slime all over my freshly washed Jeep! Grrrrr!

- If I pick them off one by one with my pellet gun, is that wrong? I’d use pointed pellets, and all they will feel is a quick sting before they fall to the earth. Okay! I wouldn’t really do that…I think!

- Shifting gears now, Leah and I had fun hosting our adult connection group last Wednesday! A great DVD lesson, pot of corn chowder, pot of vegetable soup, bread, cookies, and great friends made for a great evening. Wow, I’m getting older…

- Cremeans couch starts today (Monday)! Pastor Buddy is featuring Craig Groeschel from, which is one of the largest churches in America! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

img_2652.JPGimg_2608.JPG- We had an amazing UNITED last night! We had three different youth pastors there to check it out. Hope they got something out of it. :)

- We had over 15 students raise their hand to accept Christ, and many more that decided to make better choices in life! Brian did a great job speaking!

- CLICK HERE to view UNITED pics from last night! CLICK HERE to see previous UNITED and NSM event pics. 

- Our adult leaders were awesome this weekend! We had a lot going on between the event itself, camp registrations, UNITED Serves stuff, selling concert tickets, and more! They all pulled together and made the night flow seamlessly!

- This is a great year for student ministry!

- I’ve been told my blog posts are too long. I’m sorry… :)

Forgettable facts:

- 27,000 pieces of luggage are lost or misdirected by U.S. airlines every day. Why does it always happen to me?

- Only 1/3 of the people that can twitch their ears can twitch only one at a time.

-Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.