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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- I’m still in Vermont! (until tonight)

- It’s cold and raining, but the air is nice and allergen free. :) That’s a big deal for me!

- I added “Twitter” to my blog. It’s in the top right side where it says “What I’m doing”. It let’s me update the world with “what I’m doing”. I blogged about it last week here.

- Leah and I played Rockband ’til 3:00 in the morning on Friday night with Leah’s sister Cassie and our new friends John, Kate, and Butter.

- I played the Bass on the easiest level all night. I also sang one song, then got kicked off and put back on Bass.

- We celebrated Greek Easter with Leah’s fam all day on Sunday!

- The food was great! We ate lamb…ham…no spam…with the fam. (okay that was corny)

- I tried to find the hidden Vermont ”safe place” for the un-infected from the movie I-Am-Legend, but apparently it doesn’t exist.

- Northway church kicked off the REVOLUTION series this weekend. I heard it was amazing! God is doing some awesome things!

- UNITED Serves took care of all the child care for our adult REV event last night! They are awesome!


FORGETTABLE VERMONT FACTS (I’m sticking with the whole Vermont theme)

- Montpelier, Vermont is the smallest capital city in the U.S. It’s population is less than 9,000! They don’t even have a McDonalds!

- Montpelier, Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S. :) At least they have something going for them!

js004931.jpgjs004931.jpg- Vermont has more cows than people!

- In Barre, VT (where Leah’s family lives), there is an old law on the books requiring all residents to bathe every Saturday night. Washing on other days of the week is optional and left to the discretion of the residents.

- There is also an official law in Vermont that states that a woman has to obtain written permission from her husband in order to get false teeth. Seriously! look it up!

- The dome on the state capital building (pictured left) in Montpelier, VT is made of solid gold!

See you tomorrow for a brand new QUESTION FROM A STUDENT!