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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- Awesome stuff going on!

- We had our Malta Celebration Weekend! Pastor Buddy had an awesome message about faith! Make sure you check it out later this week here. I can relate to his running out of gas stories. (Click here and here)

- Chad did an incredible job putting together the celebration event on Sunday afternoon! 

- It looked like it was going to rain all day…We all got there and it was still cloudy. After baptizing about 90 people, we sang. When we sang “Blessed Be Your Name”, the second verse says “with the sun shining down on us”, and at that moment the sun came through the clouds! It was amazing and sunny after that until it was over.

- There were ponies! Ponies! “They” wouldn’t let me ride them.

- I’ll have a video blog post later this week about the event.

We got home that afternoon to find that there was a tornado around our town. I looked out the windows and the trees were pretty much at a 90 degree angle. Our grill blew over and down the yard.

- Leah and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary tomorrow!  (I’ll explain tomorrow) :)

I have some video posts and pics that I will be posting  all of this week, including the video of Leah asking for my hand in marriage…I mean of me asking her to marry me ( I’ll prob post that later today). Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! haha

-  Leah and I took off (I can’t say where we ended up yet) last night. We were driving north on 87 in the Adirondacks when a State Trooper flew by us at at least 100 mph if not more. It was raining. About five miles later we found his cruiser upside down in the median and on fire. He had obviously lost control. There was already a couple people pulled over and helping him. After we realized that none of us had cell phone service, we sped ahead to the emergency call box and reported it. We just had to keep driving after that, but it’s been bugging me. I haven’t heard anything on the news or online! I am going to call the State Police office later today to find out how he is. Please pray for him, though.

- See you later!