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Weekly Re-cap / Thoughts

- It’s been pretty crazy between my job and camp planning!

- I love it though!

- My mom just turned 60! She is an amazing godly person, and I’m so glad that she is my mom! I will introduce her to you soon!

- It was another amazing service at Northway this weekend! We worshipped our hearts out to God.

- We could not of had a better jump start to our week at camp!

- We are up over 70 now for camp! That is nuts! Anyone else want to go?

- It is all God!

- We are taking another bus, a couple of suburbans, a mini-van, and a couple of cars!What’s with Northway people and suburbans? :)

- This is my 8th year of bringing students to camp, and it’s the first year that it has worked out for Leah to come with me! I’m so excited. She is too…I think! :) Usually, she doesn’t come so that she can use her time off from work to go away somewhere with me outside of church stuff. I’m glad it worked out this way, though!

- Oh…and the oldestĀ of her three younger brothers, Theo, is coming! He is going into ninth grade! That will be cool. He will tare it up on the B-Ball courts!

- How do you pronounce “Evian“…as in Evian water? Is it Av-e-on, E-v-ian, or A-v-ian? Please let me know. Part of our camp week depends on the proper pronunciation of that word!

- PLEASE pray for us this week!

- I will be blogging from camp all week long! Pics and more pics! (And hopefully more video!)