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Weekly Re-Cap / More Camp Pics!

Since camp was last week and I posted 1,927,418 updates and still have more to post, I feel like it is not really necessary to do a weekly re-cap this week! :)

I do, however, want to throw a couple things at you…

Whether you are a student or parent, we want to hear your story about camp! You can leave a comment to this post, or you can e-mail them to Please…Please…Please…let us hear your story!

On the weekend of September 6th and 7th, Pastor Buddy is going to feature the students at our weekend services! We will fill you in on more asap, but please mark your calendars and don’t miss that weekend at Northway! Trust me…it will be amazing!

This week, I will be posting some practical ways for students to stay true to the decisions that they made at camp!

Here are some more pics…


A crazy and wacky group photo…Aren’t we just so funny? 


We are still just so funny… That random old guy to my right (your left) wouldn’t stop touching me! (Just kidding…well not about the touching me part, but that is Dan Brown the camp director.)


Whoops! I guess the bus driver mistook the church for Dollar General! At least we gave them tons and tons of business at that soda machine in the background! 80 cents (That’s less than a dollar) for a can of coke! What a bargain compared to the regular dollar elsewhere! :)  


Notice the perfectly placed “MEN” sign between them in the picture. That is some good photography right there!