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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- I have fully recovered from camp!

- It’s only taken two weeks!

- I’m not getting old! I’m not getting old!

- I got a ton of stuff done last week. Very productive, I feel, considering that my car died for good. May it RIP.

- I’ve been doing a lot of planning and brainstorming for student ministry in the Fall! Can’t wait! I’m going to be meeting with student leaders and adult leaders asap.

- I’m continuing to receive some great stories about our camps! I love it!

- Leah and I hung out with the rest of the church staff on Friday night for a BBQ. It is a great group of people!

- Mark Batterson did an awesome job speaking this past weekend at Northway. I’m loving his new book…Wild Goose Chase. Make sure you pick up a copy when it fully releases.

- Leah and I are headed down to Virginia this week for WEDDING NUMBER FIVE for the year! Lots of friends from college will be there. (Including this guy!)

- The wedding is on Virginia Beach! (On the actual beach…like with the sand and everything!) Should be pretty cool! Do I have to wear a bathing sit to the wedding? I’m so confused!

- Leah just picked up her bridesmaid dress, and the store had ordered and delivered the wrong one! She is going to have to wear the granny dress they gave her unless we can figure something out this week! Do you think we can get a dress in three days that normally takes 3 months? We can do it! (At least that’s what I’m trying to tell her.) I’m trying to relate, but it’s just hard sometimes. :)


As Leah was working out details about her dress disaster, I was walking around the Clifton Park Mall. Ever hear of Fly 92.3′s Last Student Standing? College students are competing for scholarships, a free car, free apartment, and more by being locked up in a store in the mall. They are on display! It’s pretty funny to watch them in there like caged animals. Ckeck it out…