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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts (Virginia Trip)

- I just got back at 3am from an extremely fun and action packed trip to Virginia for a wedding!

- It took us 12 hours to get back when it should have only taken us 9 hours. I have come to the conclusion that southerners don’t know how to drive. I’m blogging about this one this week! I have a lot of frustration to let out.

- My friend Ruben got married to my other friend Vanessa. I know them from college.

- It was a beach wedding! I had never been to a beach wedding before! Awesome!

- I got to be the videographer! I hope they like their wedding footage.

- It was great hanging out with so many of my college friends. The lack of sleep was getting to me though.

- I’m going to post some pictures later today and tomorrow.

- I got to hang out at Virginia Beach for a day. Cool place.

- When I finally decided to swim in the ocean, I saw a shark and totally freaked out! It ended up being a dolphin, but who cares…dolphins still have sharp teeth. Right? I’m sticking with swimming pools.

- Jamestown, Langley AFB, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge are all within 20 minutes of where we were. Did we go to any of those sites? No, but I guess we did cross that bridge which was the first time I gladly paid a toll with a smile. Unbelievable bridge! :)

- Five weddings down, one more to go!


Here’s a couple of pics to get started…

Ruben and Vanessa –


Isn’t Leah a beauty?


Gang signs or something…


More to come!