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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- Why is gas only 3.51 in Glenville, and then 3.80 everywhere else around here?

- Why in the world did Jackie Chan have a solo last night in the Beijing closing ceremony? Apparently I was missing something because… did you know that he has his own recording? Check it out here.

- Why are the Tampa Bay Devil Rays so good this year?

- When are the Yankees going to make their yearly run for first place? Never?

- Why can’t Leah and I successfully grow any indoor plants?

- Okay! I’ll stop asking so many questions!

- I got to hang out with my friend Bill this past week! He lives in Texas now.

- We had a great weekend at Northway!

- John Cremeans (Pastor Buddy’s brother) spoke and did an awesome job! If you missed it, make sure you check it out online this week.

- We spent the afternoon doing a video shoot about our High School camp. We interviewed a bunch of students about what God did in their lives! I can’t wait to see how it turned out.

- I can’t wait to spend part of this weekend with Hillsong UNITED in Toronto! Yeah…that’s right! HILLSONG UNITED!

- I hope they let me cross the border!

Here are a few funny pics for this week: (We are going with funny signs this time)

An actual church sign in Green Bay… (Brett Favre)



weedsign1.jpg typo1.jpg

And one of my favorites…