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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

Today, I am just focusing on some Hillsong United stuff. Here is some of what we learned, some thoughts, and some stuff that took place.

 Here we go:

- In the western world, we don’t have a ton of physical poverty, but we do have an inner poverty. A lack of love.

- So many people in other countries lack what we in America take for granted, but so many Americans lack what they take for granted…LOVE!

- When you are making ground for God, someone else (the enemy) is losing ground.

- When you are not making ground for God, someone else (the enemy) is making ground.

- The enemy doesn’t really care about the size of a church, he cares about it’s influence.

- “If what we do inside the walls of our churches has no affect on the streets that we take to get there, then maybe we are doing things wrong.” – Joel Houston


- I still have two more videos to post with Hillsong United footage!

- I also have a ton of footage for some more random blog videos.

- Did you check out the first video below?

- If I had to go to college all over again, then I would probable go to Hillsong College. Check it out!


On a side note, don’t miss this coming weekend at Northway Church! We are having a special weekend featuring our student ministry! I’ll blog more about this later!