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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- Craziest week ever!

- I’m pretty tired.

- So many awesome things happened this week.

- We’ve been planning for the best Fall ever in Student Ministry!

- September 17th is when UNITED kicks off! Yes…it’s a WEDNESDAY NIGHT!

- We are going to have something every Wednesday night for students at Northway!

- I did my very first wedding ceremony on Saturday!

- If you were to ask me six years ago if I would go into a situation where I didn’t know anybody, and I had to get in front of a group of people and perform a wedding ceremony, then I would think that you were crazy!

- It’s amazing what God can do to change a life.

- This past weekend was the Student Ministry weekend!!

- All of our students did “Cardboard Testimonies”!!

- If you missed it, I will have it on YouTube hopefully this week. I will also post it on here.

- We had over a hundred people accept Jesus into their life this weekend! It was amazing!

- Leah has been in Cape Cod for the past five days. She was having a “girly” weekend with her sister.

- I’m in Boston right now hanging out with my parents, and am waiting for Leah to be dropped off.

- I set up my TWITTER to post a weekly “twitter re-cap” each week. It will make a blog post for me with all of that weeks “Tweets”. I have brought my twitter to the next level. :)

- Have you checked out my Hillsong United videos yet? Scroll down to check them out.

- I will be posting every day this week! See you here!