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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- I love the the Fall!

- All of the trees around where we live seem to have lost their leaves without ever changing colors. Hmmm.

- I’m doing Pilates with this lady as much as I can. I felt weird at first, but now I’m realizing that real men do Pilates. Don’t make fun of me though…I’m sensitive. :)

- As of a year ago the only Pilate I knew was Pontius. (That was corny) I also didn’t know it was pronounced “pill-ahh-tay”. I felt stupid after I asked for “pie-lits” at Target.

- It’s amazing how much energy it can give you right away. I just don’t want to be able to rest a tray on my abdomen when I sit down any more.

- UNITED LIVE is this Wednesday night at 6:30!!! (Thought I would squeeze that in here)

- Leah’s birthday was on Friday!

- We went for a drive, ate pie, watched a movie, ate more pie, almost burned the house down with trick candles (didn’t know they sparked so much), hung a mirror, hung a curtain, ate even more pie, and of course opened presents!

- Had a great creative meeting with some High School students after church!

- God has blessed us with some amazing students that are stepping up to lead the way! I’m so proud of them!

- I’m off to Boston for two days to attend a national camp planning meeting for our High School camp. Yes! It’s time to plan for camp already!

- Bringing 130 students in 2008 was amazing, but let’s see if we can bring 300 students in 2009! No reason not to! 400?

- I hope Brian and Libby wait until I get back from Boston to have their baby Avery! If you guys are reading this, I will offer you a $10 Starbucks gift card to wait a couple more days! Can’t beat that! Pleeeeeaaaaase?

- Did I mention that UNITED LIVE for Middle School and High School students is this Wednesday? Yeah? Ok…just checking.