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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- I refuse to mention anything about the Red Sox or baseball in this whole post! (Crap! From now on…)

- Congratulations to Chad and Leah Clem! Eliana, their brand new baby girl,  is beautiful!

- Make sure you stay tuned into Chad’s blog for updates, and so that you can know how to pray for them.

So many babies to keep track of! I’m excitd for all of them.

- Speaking of babies, I hope that the Tampa Bay Rays fans have a nice morning!

I’ve been nursing Leah back to health this weekend. She had a cold.

- Speaking of cold, I wonder if David Ortiz will be back next year!

- UNITED was awesome. We split Middle School and High School. 

- It’s kind of like how the ALCS was split 3-3 before last night.

Please pray for my sister and their family! I’ll post pics later, but their neighbor across the street got in her car while intoxicated, and drove into her own house. Then, she put the car in reverse and sped across the street, across the lawn, and straight into my sisters house! Lots of damage! They had just bought the house, and now it has a hole in it.

- The hole is kind of similar to the hole that has been RIPPED INTO THE HEARTS OF THE RED SOX NATION!

- Okay…Okay…Sorry! :)

- Anyway, it was a great week! 

- Don’t forget that UNITED is this Wednesday night at 6:30 in Clifton Park! (As always) I just picked up Rock Band 2.

- Go Phillies!


Here are my pic picks for the week: