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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- Go Phillies! Crush Tampa Bay! Crush them!

-  I have to admit that I’ve probably only watched about four innings of the North American Series…I mean “World” Series this year.

Go Phillies!

We had another great UNITED last week! We are growing. Middle Schoolers still want to hang out with High Schoolers. Pretty funny.

- Are you dressing up for Halloween on Friday? I can’t decide what I want to be yet. I promised Leah that I would potentially get dressed up with her. For what? That’s what I asked. Maybe we’ll crash our local McDonald’s!

My blog recently made it onto a “top list” of blogs on the blog of a popular influential leader (Tongue twister…say that five times in a row) I love spreading link love cheer! Made my week! I now have more readers than my immediate family! :)

-  Speaking of more blog readers, my last post with the video for youth leaders got more hits than any other post since the beginning of my blog!!!! I’ll have to steal other people’s stuff more often! Scroll down to check the video. It is pretty funny. I’ll post another one of their videos this week!

- Since we’re still talking about blogs, I’m going to be making some serious changes to the look of this blog pretty soon! Any ideas?

- I have an all-new “Question From a Student” for this Wednesday!  I learn a lot through studyingthe answers to the questions! This week’s question is going to be…”How Can I Know If Something Is a Sin or Not?”

This week’s Pumpkin pic picks:



I can’t for the life of me remember who this reminds me of!