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Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- CLICK HERE to see why Leah and I are doing the “25 Days Of Christmas blogging” thing.

- Can’t wait to have Leah post on here too!

- I officially switched my blog design over. It’s still under construction, but what do you think so far?

- It’s mid-Novemeber and we still haven’t used our heat! We are going to try and make it until December. Don’t you hate that fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling when it’s freezing cold?

- I can’t believe how much gas prices have dropped! Cumberland Farms in Clifton Park (next to the church plaza) has the cheapest gas around!

- Did they announce who was elected president yet? (just kidding)

- I’m on my way to New York City right now for our Middle School camp planning meeting. You can never plan too early!

- We made a huge concert announcement last week! Hawk Nelson will be at Northway with the World Vision Youth Explosion Tour on February 23rd. CLICK HERE to buy your tickets online right now!!

- Leah got to pick a movie to watch last week, and she picked The Notebook! My tear glands are still swollen. Do we even have tear glands?

- Lou and Jean Venditti are amazing people!

- Why do all the commercials featuring Turkeys make me laugh so much?? I love the noise turkey’s make! Gobble gobble gobble.

- Speaking of animal noises, Northway corporately made goat noises during the weekend services.

- I went to a RPI v Princeton hockey game. I got a lot of ideas for our “Very Nerdy Christmas Party” that we are doing for UNITED LIVE in Decmeber! haha… (just kidding again)

This weeks pic picks:


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