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Avery / Family / Ed Young – C3

This three day weekend is going to be crazy, but amazing!

Here are the main highlights…

- Brian and Libby are going to have their baby! Avery will enter our world! Check out their blogs and show them some love! Their updates and posts are like watching a month long movie!

- Leah’s family is coming in for the weekend. The apartment is clean (well, it’s always clean, which is a story for another day), the groceries are bought, and we are awaiting their arrival any minute! She has three young brothers so all the “cleanliness” will be in vein, but oh well. Any good ideas as to where we can take them?? Fall stuff??

- The Creative Church Conference (C3) with Ed Young is on Monday!!! I can’t wait to connect with so many people that I know are coming! I honestly do not know why any leader in the Northeast would miss this! Actually, I don’t know why any Christian in the Northeast would miss this. Check out a video HERE. Click the link! Click the link! Click the link! (Sorry…I have a twitch)

Happy Birthday Leah!!!

img_0399.JPGThat’s right! Today is Leah’s birthday. She turned 26 this morning around 9:38. She is now old enough to save even more on car insurance (without having to switch to Geico).

Anyway, she is amazing! We have been together now for eight years (married for over two) now. It’s been the best eight years of my life. Our relationship has survived over three years of living apart, moving six times, and getting through college before we got married. Today we are living our dream of being together. She is my best friend!

We are spending the entire day together! She and I, me and she, her and me. I bought her a “birthday girl” ribbon that I pinned to her shirt while she was sleeping. I’m making her wear all day long. So that she doesn’t feel too awkward, I bought myself a “birthday boy” one to wear as well.

See you soon!

Video Blog: Squirrel In My Yard Thought Pool Was Sea of Acorns!

Remember how I said a few weeks ago that unusual situations seem to present themselves to me often? Well, this past weekend when I went to pick up Leah, we ran into an unusual situation in my parents back yard.


Bob the squirrel (that’s what we shall call him), mistook my parents pool for a sea of acorns and jumped right on in. Once he realized that it wasn’t acorns, he panicked and swam across the water. Once he got to the edge, he saw Leah and decided to climb the hand rail where he froze from shear terror. This is where the video picks up…

Check it out…

Video Blog: John Mayer / One Republic Concert

Some good friends of ours, Jason and Kristy, invited us to go see John Mayer and One Republic last night at SPAC.

They put on a really cool concert. I didn’t realize that John Mayer was so good at playing the guitar. If his band was walking down the street, then you would not think that any of them would have anything in common, but when they get on stage, they have an amazing sound.

Since it was too dark to take pictures, I took a few short video clips instead. Check it out:

(Well, this is a picture…don’t click on it…the video is below)


More Pics From Our Trip to Virginia…And a Video

Below are some more pics from our trip to the wedding in Virginia. I posted some others HERE.

The best video footage I had with my camera was a mini birthday celebration for Dave Howe at Red Robin. They did a good job of being loud and making a scene.

Check it out:



You can see the skilled photography! (Actually, I think Leah took some of these)



There’s someone picking their nose in the background…or he just had an itch.





Help! Gas or Electric Scooter? Help!


I think it might be official! Leah and I are going to get a motor scooter! Not the nice old lady kind, or the motorcycle kind, but the the eleven year old kind with a motor attached! I can get a decent deal on Craigslist or Ebay!

One of our cars just blew it’s transmission, so we are down to one car, which needs work itself! Grrrrrr. We were thinking about how we can survive on one car, but maybe we can do it. Leah only works 1-2 miles from where we live, so she can potentially scoot her way to work each day. IT WAS HER IDEA! By the way, I can’t wait to hide along her scoot route with a video camera so I can post it on Youtube for you! Shhhh.

Anyway, theres my story, but I have some questions for you scooter enthusiasts! Please chime in!

- What is better, gas or electric? I figured if she gets stuck, then gas might be the better option. She can keep a mini gas can in her purse or something.

- Do they sell scooter umbrellas for rain? Snow? Ice? Hail?

- Are there laws about helmets? I have a Red Sox baseball helmet, would that be acceptable?

- I noticed that there are some scooters that have the option for a seat. Does that throw off your balance?41jqm50me5l__sl210_.jpg

- How are motor scooters on mountain roads in case I want to scoot to church on the weekends, so Leah can drive and meet me at the later service?

- Would getting a scooter just be way too silly?

Please let me know what your thoughts are, even if you can only answer one question! I need your help! :)

(By the way, NO! Leah would not scoot through ice and hail…just rain and light snow!)  :)

Video Blog: 2008 Anniversary Trip!

Okay…so here is a video of mostly raw footage from our trip this past week.We got in the car and started driving. We went north to Plattsburgh, across Lake Champlain, and then down through Vermont and back into New York!

Unless you are my mom, or Leah’s mom, there might be a slight chance you could get bored half way through! Just try watching it though! I dare you!

Here we go:

Celebrating Our 30th Wedding Anniversary!

kevin-and-leah-wedding.jpgNope! That’s not a typo! Leah and I are officially celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary today!

We got married on June 24th, 1978 in the wonderful town of Stowe, VT.

I was -2 years old!

Leah was -4 years old!

We got married eight months after Leah’s parents got married!

Okay…Okay…Let me explain!

Technically, we got married on June 24, 2006, but thanks to the wonderful state of Vermont, and their clerical error, we legally got married in 1978!

You see, Ron Foster, who did our ceremony, signed the wedding certificate and sent it to the Vermont clerk for us. When they got it, somehow (I have no idea why or how) they put 1978 as the official year! Good old Vermont! Apparently, we have to “jump through a bunch of hoops”, like get married again, in order to get it fixed. I love Vermont! I’m sure that Leah would be all about another wedding!

(Didn’t I tell you that weird things just happen to me sometimes?) :)

So, in honor of 30 years of wonderful marriage, we will be registering at Tiffany & Co, Nordstrom’s, Liberty Travel, and Saratoga Jeep and Dodge. Please feel free to send your gifts to….Okay! I’m just kidding, but if for some reason you feel led to…okay…still kidding.

Anyway, the great thing is that whether it’s 30 years or 2 years, I would marry Leah all over again! She is awesome! It’s been a great “two” years!

I will be posting more about her later this week!


Video Blog: Engagement Video

Tomorrow’s our 30th wedding anniversary!!!!! I still need to explain that later…

So…In October of 2005, I asked Leah to marry me. It was one of the best days ever!

Her mom, sister, aunt’s, and grandmother were there. We were “supposedly” just checking out a restaurant that was connected to the hotel where we were hoping to have our wedding reception at in Vermont. I surprised her and slipped away “to wash my hands for lunch”, but really put on a suit (which I hate) and came back to propose! All of a sudden the song “Falling Even More In Love With You” by Lifehouse was played (per my request), and I came back in behind her with a surprise!

As you can see, it was not the most extravagant or well-plotted proposal, but the moment was right. It was perfect for us!

Check it out:

Crazy Stuff…

There was/is some crazy stuff going on this weekend and week!

- Leah and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage! (That’s not a typo…I’ll explain later)

- We just had an awesome celebration weekend at Northway!

- There was a funnel cloud spotted in our town. Ooooooh.

This week, I have some videos…pictures…and other stuff about about all of it for my blog!

 For now, Leah and I are getting in a car and just driving to who knows where to get away for a couple of days. I’ll be blogging while I’m away!

See you back on here tomorrow!