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Thanksgiving Plans

masthead-copy.jpgThere is another baby coming into the world as I write this! Well…there are probably hundreds, but I’m specifically talking about one. Steve and Jenn are at the hospital getting ready to bring their baby into the world!! Check out their blog and their twitter updates and let them know that you’re thinking about them and praying for them! They are great friends.


For those of us that are not spending Thanksgiving in the baby place, are you staying home or traveling this year? Turkey or something else?

Leah and I are working today (that will be tough), and then are heading to Boston to spend some time with my family. We alternate between families each year. My sister, Lori, and her family will be there as well. We haven’t been there in a very long time. I will have to introduce some of them to you via video blogging. Can’t wait to taste my mom’s Christmas cookies. (That’s a hint for her, since she said she wasn’t making them this year!) Just kidding, mom! I will make them with the nieces. They just won’t taste as good.

So…What are your plans for Thanksgiving and do you eat turkey or something else??

Video Blog: NYC Trip Clip

Here is another video blog…

It is full of random clips from the NYC trip that I just went on. Tell me what you think of the blood splatter. I am still waiting for the foresic tests to come back, but I now think someone might have slaughtered a bunch of kittens. Would that be wrong? (I’m just kidding about that being okay, but I do “dis-like” cats)

Click on my buddy Ron Foster’s mouth to view the video (screen shots are randomly set by You Tube…Sorry Ron):

(Then scroll down and check out the video that I posted yesterday!)

Two Years Ago Today…Life Changed

Yep…that’s right! Two years ago today, Leah and I were packing up an over sized Uhaul truck (they didn’t have the small ones) getting ready to make the trip form Long Island to the Capital Region of New York!

Was scared…didn’t have a job lined up…only knew like three people…but soooo happy because we knew it was what God wanted us to do!

Let me give you some context…

I had been a student pastor, children’s pastor, and production director in (or on?) Long Island for four years. It’s the same state but a whole different world down there! (In a good and bad way :) )  I had moved down from Boston (love that city) the week after I graduated college. Leah still had one more year in school. She was so young! haha She ended up moving down after she graduated. Then…we got married!!!

Anyway, to make a long story short, we knew for various reasons that it was time to move out of that area. We had built a thriving student ministry, loved the people, but knew that God had something else for us.

All throughout my years on (or in?) Long Island, I heard about a brand new church in Malta, NY that was doing some amazing things for God. After all, my roommate in college went there at the same time that I went to Long Island. He had been trying to get Leah and I to move up there the whole time. As I began to learn more about this thriving church in Upstate, NY, we felt God moving. We were right in line with this church’s philosophy of ministry, it’s dream to reach the Northeast, and so much more.

I know it sounds weird, but without ever even visiting an actual church service, we packed everything up exactly two years ago and moved up here to go to Northway Church. I got a sales job within a month, and dived in to help wherever I could at Northway. Leah was able to transfer her job up here. We had no idea what was in store for us. Within seven months, I found myself on staff as the student pastor.

Sometimes it is scary doing what God wants you to do. It was a sacrifice full of a lot of the un-known, but as Leah and I look back and see what has taken place in the past two years, we are so happy! We are where we know God wants us to be! We love Northway and the people! Pastor Buddy is one of the best communicators in America, an incredible leader and has such a contagious vision for Northway and the Northeast! We truly do have a front row seat to what God is going to do here and the rest of the Northeast!

Leah and I can’t wait to see what God does here in another two years!!! I’ll blog more about our transition up here next week! Lot’s of funny stuff happened…



Here’s a pic of us in 2003… I have morphed into a different person or something… :)


And my broken arm…Not really, but I did make a girl puke and one of my adult leaders not talk to me for a month. I was a rookie…


And Leah getting into way too much trouble…


And me licking the green paint off of my face? Must of had lead in it. And it was at a kid’s event…


Please Pray For Eliana!

Please join us in prayer and fasting for Eliana Clem! Eliana was born on Sunday and is in need of major surgery! As I write this (6:00 am), they are preparing for the surgery.

Please CLICK HERE to follow Chad and Leah Clem’s updates. You can also view Chad’s Twitter updates on the top left side of his blog.


God, I ask right now for Your mighty hand of protection and healing for Eliana! Please be with the thoughts, words, and actions of every person that comes in contact with her. I pray for a successful surgery, and a quick recovery. Please fill Chad and Leah and their families with the peace that only You can give. We know that only You see the future and we thank You in advance for however You choose to answer our prayers. Amen.

Avery / Family / Ed Young – C3

This three day weekend is going to be crazy, but amazing!

Here are the main highlights…

- Brian and Libby are going to have their baby! Avery will enter our world! Check out their blogs and show them some love! Their updates and posts are like watching a month long movie!

- Leah’s family is coming in for the weekend. The apartment is clean (well, it’s always clean, which is a story for another day), the groceries are bought, and we are awaiting their arrival any minute! She has three young brothers so all the “cleanliness” will be in vein, but oh well. Any good ideas as to where we can take them?? Fall stuff??

- The Creative Church Conference (C3) with Ed Young is on Monday!!! I can’t wait to connect with so many people that I know are coming! I honestly do not know why any leader in the Northeast would miss this! Actually, I don’t know why any Christian in the Northeast would miss this. Check out a video HERE. Click the link! Click the link! Click the link! (Sorry…I have a twitch)

Video Blog: Hillsong United (Video 3 of 3)

Here is the final video of the Hillsong United Conference! Yaaaaaay!

There’s a pic below too.


Video Blog: Hillsong United (Video 2)

Here is video 2 of 3 from our Hillsong United trip! I have one more video to post later this week, as well as a bunch of other random video blogs!

Video Blog: Hillsong United (Video 1)

What a weekend so far! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go see Hillsong United live! I have so much to say and write! I am going to just blog about what took place for the next few days! Is that okay?Wait…this is my blog…never mind!

 I have a ton of video blogs to post! Some, have nothing to do with Hillsong, but are just some video clips of anything from road trip boredom prank phone calls, to just some basic Toronto stuff.

To start, here is the first of three videos with some actual Hillsong concert footage…They will only get better! (I think)

Check it out:

Hillsong United: A Changed Generation!

After the first night of my first experience at a Hillsong United, all I can really say is…WOW!

Here are a few thoughts:

- I feel like I experienced worship in one of it’s purest forms last night!

- You couldn’t help but have tears in your eyes as you watched a crowd of 5,000 people worship God like never before!

- It was a generation UNITED!

- It was mostly High School students and younger college students. After seeing this, I am more convinced then ever that the next big “revival” in the world is coming, and it’s going to be led by this next generation!

- Phil Dooley, the youth pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, spoke.

- He talked about love, and the fact that so many people in other countries lack what we in America take for granted, but so many Americans lack what they take for granted…Unconditional LOVE!

- Love flows through us, not from us! We don’t have to sit around waiting to create it, but rather just let God’s love shine through us!

- There was so much more cool stuff!

- Wait till you see some of the video footage and pictures I took!

- I should have something up here by tomorrow morning.

- Keep following my updates on (also off to the right of your screen)

Video Blog: John Mayer / One Republic Concert

Some good friends of ours, Jason and Kristy, invited us to go see John Mayer and One Republic last night at SPAC.

They put on a really cool concert. I didn’t realize that John Mayer was so good at playing the guitar. If his band was walking down the street, then you would not think that any of them would have anything in common, but when they get on stage, they have an amazing sound.

Since it was too dark to take pictures, I took a few short video clips instead. Check it out:

(Well, this is a picture…don’t click on it…the video is below)