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More Pics From Our Trip to Virginia…And a Video

Below are some more pics from our trip to the wedding in Virginia. I posted some others HERE.

The best video footage I had with my camera was a mini birthday celebration for Dave Howe at Red Robin. They did a good job of being loud and making a scene.

Check it out:



You can see the skilled photography! (Actually, I think Leah took some of these)



There’s someone picking their nose in the background…or he just had an itch.





Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts (Virginia Trip)

- I just got back at 3am from an extremely fun and action packed trip to Virginia for a wedding!

- It took us 12 hours to get back when it should have only taken us 9 hours. I have come to the conclusion that southerners don’t know how to drive. I’m blogging about this one this week! I have a lot of frustration to let out.

- My friend Ruben got married to my other friend Vanessa. I know them from college.

- It was a beach wedding! I had never been to a beach wedding before! Awesome!

- I got to be the videographer! I hope they like their wedding footage.

- It was great hanging out with so many of my college friends. The lack of sleep was getting to me though.

- I’m going to post some pictures later today and tomorrow.

- I got to hang out at Virginia Beach for a day. Cool place.

- When I finally decided to swim in the ocean, I saw a shark and totally freaked out! It ended up being a dolphin, but who cares…dolphins still have sharp teeth. Right? I’m sticking with swimming pools.

- Jamestown, Langley AFB, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge are all within 20 minutes of where we were. Did we go to any of those sites? No, but I guess we did cross that bridge which was the first time I gladly paid a toll with a smile. Unbelievable bridge! :)

- Five weddings down, one more to go!


Here’s a couple of pics to get started…

Ruben and Vanessa –


Isn’t Leah a beauty?


Gang signs or something…


More to come!

Peech Imspediment / Pictures

When I used to talk about something that excites me, like if I was going to Dunkin Donuts to order a jelly donut, I seemed to suffer from a slight “speech impediment”! When I talked, I might mix around some of the letters in my words.

I’d say stuff like:

- Delly Jonut

- Weep Jrangler

- etc…

Well, back in the day when Leah and I were first dating in college (circa 1999), we were driving home from the mall. I was getting excited about something and I started to slip up some of my letters. Honest mistake. Leah stopped me and while she was laughing ever so nicely at me, she said, “KEVIN! YOU HAVE SUCH A PEECH IMSPEDIMENT!” She meant to say “SPEECH IMPEDIMENT”.

Anyway, to this day, she doesn’t poke fun at me anymore. My “speech impediment” is gone (I didn’t really technically have one to begin with), but every once in a while, such as yesterday, I make sure that I remind Leah of HER “peech imspediment”! :)

That may not seem funny, but it is one of those great memories that we talked about yesterday after thirty…I mean two years of marriage.

A couple pics from THIRTY years ago:


And…a couple pics from yesterday (Aging has been kind to us):


Yep! We visited Stowe, VT and the church that we got married in! Many months before we got married, we were driving around and we came across this church that is in just about every Vermont postcard. So, we went in and booked a date. Talk about spontaneous!


2008 = Year of Babies and Weddings


Leah and I are officially in the stage of life where many of our friends are either now married and starting to have kids, or are just now finally getting married!

Just this year, we have:

- 8 friends having babies!

- 7 sets of friends getting married!


hillbilly1.jpgWe are soooo excited for them all! The whole baby thing is scary, but Leah and I are happy that we have so many friends to closely “observe” so that by the time we decide to have our own future Red Sox Ace we know all about the do’s and don’ts! I always feel like I have SO much to learn about parenting, but then I watch friends have babies and see how sometimes parenting just comes naturally. Babies still scare me though. They just stare and cry helplessly like they are trapped. :)

There are two couples that we especially have been able to learn from recently. Jason and Kristy just had their baby in January, and they are awesome parents! Brian and Libby are due later this year and are doing great. As far as I last understood, they are naming the baby Kevin if it’s a boy. Brian promised me while he was half asleep a while back, but I don’t think Libby knows that yet. I’ll make sure she finds out. :) Either way they have some kind of competition HERE to name their baby in case “Kevin” doesn’t work out. (Like if it’s a girl or something)

As far as weddings, our next one is less than one month away. My brother, Derek (not pictured above), is getting married to Amy (also not pictured above) down in Lynchburg, VA. Yep! They are both heavily involved with Liberty University! I will be blogging about them in the near future. (With their permission of course!) Feel free to send them a toaster or waffle maker. Tell them I sent you.

For now, Leah and I are enjoying our childless state, but who will be the next couple to make an announcement? Hmmm.

**FYI** – In no way are Leah and I planning on having a baby any time soon! Sorry mom(s)!

Gasoline and Great Friends

files.jpgI feel the need to give a special shout out to Steve, Jen, and Staci for making my night go a little better!

 Leah and I just got back from our adult Connection Group…and watching the Red Sox/Yankees game…and watching American Idol…and eating great hamburgers, hotdogs…and using potato chips to eat baked beans…and RUNNING OUT OF GAS (car gas) AGAIN!

Yep, that’s right…I ran out of gas again! I left for our C-Group thinking that I had enough gas to get a few extra miles in before getting to the “5 cent cheaper” gas station . I say “I” because Leah will have nothing to do with my dumb decision to try and make it further than the three gas stations in town! :)

Well, sure enough my jeep began to do it’s “cough” in the worst possible part of Rte 67 (for those of you who know where that is). First, I thought to call AAA, but then realized that I had already used up all my service. Then, miraculously one name came to mind…STEVE B! I called him and he was already in route to our C-Group and was more than willing to come rescue us! Staci drove, Steve held the gas can, and Jen laughed at me! Steve and I almost blew up when our hands accidentally touched and sparked in the exchange of the gas can.

They are my heroes! We got to make it to our first BBQ of 2008! Thanks guys!

Oh…I now also own my third gas can!

The Best Question Ever

best-question-pic.gifbest-question-pic.gifLeah and I had our adult connection group last night and learned all about the “Best Question Ever”. It is based on a book by Andy Stanley. It seemed like one of those things that you HAVE to buy the book in order to find out what the question is. Well, I am going to share the secret with the blogging world so that you don’t go about your life in agony just thinking about what “the question” is. We are only in our first week (sorry Chad) so I don’t know if there is like a “best question” for each week, or if the next few weeks just feed off of the one I’m about to share.

Okay…there is one question that we all should ask based on three perspectives in our life.

Here is the question: WHAT IS THE WISE THING TO DO? Pretty basic, right? We make thousands of decisions each month. Some of these decisions can really affect us (and those around us) in a monumental way.

Even deeper:

1. What is the wise thing to do based on my past? What is my track record? How has similar decisions affected me in the past?

2. What is the wise thing to do based on my present situation? How will this decision affect me right now?

3. What is the wise thing to do for my future? How will this decision impact my future?

So, this question seems to be a very “wise” one! Get it? (okay…no more lame jokes!) Sometimes we base our decisions on other people or what the current culture is telling us to do. We also sometimes will make impulse decisions without even really thinking about it. If we can filter our decisions through those three perspectives (past, present, future), and surround it with prayer, then we can be set up to make a lot of right choices.