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75 Days of New Year Blogging!



I’ll see you back on here very soon! Make sure you check out our last “MERRY CHRISTMAS” video post (Scroll down), or the posts that you have missed! haha

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanksgiving Plans

masthead-copy.jpgThere is another baby coming into the world as I write this! Well…there are probably hundreds, but I’m specifically talking about one. Steve and Jenn are at the hospital getting ready to bring their baby into the world!! Check out their blog and their twitter updates and let them know that you’re thinking about them and praying for them! They are great friends.


For those of us that are not spending Thanksgiving in the baby place, are you staying home or traveling this year? Turkey or something else?

Leah and I are working today (that will be tough), and then are heading to Boston to spend some time with my family. We alternate between families each year. My sister, Lori, and her family will be there as well. We haven’t been there in a very long time. I will have to introduce some of them to you via video blogging. Can’t wait to taste my mom’s Christmas cookies. (That’s a hint for her, since she said she wasn’t making them this year!) Just kidding, mom! I will make them with the nieces. They just won’t taste as good.

So…What are your plans for Thanksgiving and do you eat turkey or something else??

Macaroni Grill In Colonie!!

macgrilllogo.jpgThere is a Macaroni Grill in the Capital Region!!! This is one of my favorite restaurants of all time! There was one near where I lived in Boston and Long Island, but never here (or so i thought) in this area! There was recently an insert in the paper with a coupon for the restaurant. Leah and I got excited thinking that maybe one is in this area!! There was! I’ve driven up and down Wold Road a hundred times and never noticed…

If you’re like me, the name “macaroni” does not register well, and would automatically mean that I would probably not ever go there. It’s an Italian restaurant and doesn’t really have anything to do with “macaroni and cheese”.

Anyway, this restaurant was always a “special” place for Leah and I. We seemed to always go for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas Eve. We have many memories with my parents there. They now love it too!

I like how they also use paper for their table cloths and you get crayons to draw. The server learns to write their name upside down in cursive and writes it when they first come to the table. 30894-romanosmacaronigrilll.jpg

If you go, make sure you try their spinach and artichoke dip! It’s the best! I always get a steak there with garlic mashed potatoes.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill
1 Metro Park Rd. (You can see it from Wolf Road)
Colonie, NY 12205-1101

So…Have any of you ever been to a Macaroni Grill??

Video Blog: NYC Trip Clip

Here is another video blog…

It is full of random clips from the NYC trip that I just went on. Tell me what you think of the blood splatter. I am still waiting for the foresic tests to come back, but I now think someone might have slaughtered a bunch of kittens. Would that be wrong? (I’m just kidding about that being okay, but I do “dis-like” cats)

Click on my buddy Ron Foster’s mouth to view the video (screen shots are randomly set by You Tube…Sorry Ron):

(Then scroll down and check out the video that I posted yesterday!)

Student Ministry Meeting / David Letterman Late Show

I left yesterday for the Middle School Camp planning meeting. The camp is going to be awesome. We got done early, so we drove into Manhatten to just walk around.

After I got my cool hat at H&M, I found myself writing this post while I’m…

…in line with the tickets that I won for the Late Show. Yep, the Late Show with David Letterman. We had to answer the question, “What does David often throw from his desk?” The answer was “cards”. Go figure.

Student Ministry is awesome! haha…

Blog video to come soon…

Check out my Twitter updates on the right (What I’m doing section) to click the link to see the blood splatter in my first hotel room at The Red Roof Inn. Grossness! I’m writing a letter…

Video: Move That Boogie Body

Do you remember my post from a couple weeks ago about my decision to exercise and eat better? (Check it out HERE)

Well, I found my solution from a real 1982 video that I found.

I just got done moving my boogie body. Will you try this?

A Sparkly Christmas Miracle!!


Why the whole Christmas blogging thing?

Oh…why thanks for asking!

Simply put…It’s because I love Leah! No seriously!

You see…Leah loves Christmas! She loves it! She likes sparkly snowman ornaments, decorating Christmas trees in November, hot chocolate, wrapping empty boxes for display, and so much more. What do I like? I like Christmas cookies.

As I reviewed my 2007 year, which was a great year by the way, I found that I didn’t really get in the “Christmas spirit”.

This year, I want to make sure that I do. I want to make sure that I’m right alongside Leah as we find empty boxes to wrap, as we bake pine cones and put sparkly glitter stuff on them (Oh yeah…we’ve already collected over 100 of them this Fall), as we shop for the perfect tree, as we dress one of our friends up as Santa for a photo shoot, and as we bake Christmas cookies for the neighbors.

I like to blog. What would be better than documenting the 25 days leading up to Christmas? If I don’t get into the Christmas spirit by doing that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

So…Some of you will probably call me a dork. Probably true, but I don’t care. Some of you will boycott my blog. I don’t care. Some of you will throw sharp objects at your computer screen. I don’t care, but I think that’s dumb. Some of you will read my blog no matter what. Thanks mom. Some of you will get into the Christmas spirit with me, and THAT…makes it A SPARKLY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

I’ll still blog about random stuff that no one cares about, church stuff, family stuff etc…, but each day it will just have a Christmas flavor or twist to it. Tons of videos.

Leah will be making her blogging debut in December as well! She will make a great bloggererer. Why? Because she is one of the smartest and most talented people that I have ever met, and she doesn’t say stupid stuff like “bloggererer”!

Now scroll down and check out my Rockband 2 video that I posted last night!

Video: Rockband 2

Personally, I am not a “video game person”. Are you? I could care less. I think that might be one of the 7 1/2 reasons that Leah married me.

Well, the new craze in the video game industry are the “music related” games. Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution (not so popular anymore), and now Rockband and Rockband 2. Have I played them? Yes, and I can hold my own as long as I’m the bass player on the easy level. DDR is a different story. I know not to even try it.

Last night at UNITED, I was working up a sweat in the Middle School room while we were cleaning up. I came over to the High School area and the video below is what I observed.

You know that feeling you get after you eat a piece of mouse bread? Well, that’s the best way to explain the feeling I would have if I had to play three hours of Rockband…haha

Can someone please agree with me? :)

Check it out: (This video features fellow bloggers Dave (on guitar) and Jeremy (Don’t really know what he’s doing…haha)


Under Construction!!

For the next few days, this blog will be completely overhauled! New design etc…

My “bloggingness” will not be affected. That means that I will still be posting stuff as usual.

What you see now is not the finished product! :) I’m trying the whole web design thing and I’m not very good at it. haha I’m bouncing back and forth between a few options.


I Voted For…

…who I thought would be the best choice for America.

Whaaaaat? You thought I was going to tell you?

Hmmmmm…Why is that such a private issue? We probably should be able to share who we voted for, right? Unless of course we are one of those people standing in the street this morning holding a sign with a big name on it. It’s kind of obvious who they are voting for. (I wasn’t one of them, but would of if they paid me) Although, if they do get paid, then that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are voting for that person. Why would a volunteer hold a sign of some random person they can care less about. Right?

Enough rambling… Should I tell you? I don’t know! Why do I feel like I’m posting my social security number and bank account info if I tell you?

I honestly don’t care if people know who I voted for, but I need to know the answers to my question first. Why is it so private?

Who did you vote for? I know! Exactly! You feel violated now, right? It’s such a loaded question in this election.


By the way, I voted in the smallest little town hall thing ever! I was the only one there to vote at the time, and I had to stand behind the curtain with three old ladies…I mean elderly ladies sitting at a table seriously two feet from the curtain. (Small room) Awkward! They just stared at me! I might as well have been behind the stall in the ladies room with them sitting there.

First of all, when I registered with the three elderly ladies, I signed next to the wrong name. Whoops! Erin Murowski won’t have a place to sign now. Definitely their fault though. Then, I didn’t know how to work the curtain. Then, I pulled all of the tabs under the “independent” row by accident. I then switched to my appropriate row. There was like three Obama’s and three McCains to choose from (one for each party I geuss). Very confusing. (And I’m not saying I voted for either one of them or that I didn’t :) ) And, NO, I’m not really dumb! I promise! Whatever…


Anyway, should I be able to tell you who I voted for? I want to but I’m so nervous. I can proclaim the name of Jesus all day long, but am ashamed of proclaiming who I voted for. Hmmmmm. Please weigh in…