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UNITED is this Sunday!

l_c11d6b1caa75ea929ae8afe8991f1852.jpg UNITED is this Sunday night (March 2nd) at 6:00pm @ Northway Church – Clifton Park!!! You don’t want to miss it!

Middle and High School Students from all over the Capital Region coming together in ONE location…on ONE night…UNITED


SKATEBOARDING! (need waiver)


VIDEO GAMES! (WII’s, X-Box 360′s, PS-3′s etc…) JUST GOT ROCKBAND for X-BOX 360!


March 2nd @ 6:00pm!!!!!!


Let’s continue to make 2008 an awesome year!!!!!

How We Spend Our Lives (1 of 3)

I am speaking at our UNITED event for students this weekend, and have been doing some minor research on how an average person spends their life. It blows my mind to see how many YEARS of my life are spent on some of the dumbest little things.

For instance, we spend a third of our life sleeping (Well, this one is not that dumb). That is such a huge chunk of our life! That is about 25 years that we spend sleeping!!!!

Okay, this one really gets me! Brace yourself…Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? THE MOST COMMON HUMAN ACTIVITY AFTER WORKING AND SLEEPING IS WATCHING TV! The government did a study in 2007 to find that the average person watches 4.5 hours of tv per day! I don’t think I even come close to that, but I have to admitt that sometimes I have gotten home and the TV gets turned on and the next thing I know it’s time for bed. In the average household, the TV is typically on for 7.5 hours. If you live to be 80 years old, you will have spent 131,400 hours of your life watching TV (if your that average person, I guess)! That works out to be about 15 years of watching TV! Wow!

Here are some other things we do:

- A average man spends 3,350 hours shaving! That’s 8.4 meters of stubble!

- We spend two years of our lives on the phone.

- 3 years in the bathroom! (I’m more like 5 or 6 years on that one)

- 2 weeks at traffic lights! (that doesn’t seem so bad)

- We spend 3 years looking for misplaced objects! (again probably 5 or 6 years for me)

And finally…get this…We ONLY spend about 6.5 years with the members of our household! This is actual time spent with them where your attention is fully on them! Imagine the impact we can have on our own family if we just spent some time with them!

How do I spend my life? How do you spend your life? What can I do better with my time? What can you do better with your time?

Northway Church – Colonie

nc_bwlogo-complete-circle.jpgnc_bwlogo-complete-circle.jpgIt is awesome to be a part of a multi-site church that has such a vision for the Northeast! Our church started around five years ago in Malta, NY.  A little over one year ago now, we opened our 2nd campus in Clifton Park. This year we are launching our 3rd campus in Colonie! God has opened up so many doors for our church! With God all things are possible!

I had the incredible pleasure and opportunity to spend this past Sunday down at Northway Church – Colonie. We have been having services down there for a few weeks now, but will be officially launching this campus soon! I facilitated the service and had a great time getting to know the people there. They have incredible faith, and an incredible heart for reaching their community! I can’t wait to see what God does down there!

Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- This past week went by soooooo fast!

- Work is still pretty busy…

- Student Ministry is going well! We are gearing up for a great next couple of months.

- UNITED is next week (March 2nd)! CLICK HERE for more info…

- Leah has this new thing for Fondant Icing (different kind of frosting for cakes). Yeah…I know…I had no idea what it was at first either.

- Leah is incredible with food, cakes, etc… We share the cooking responsiblilities (most of the time), but I especially look forward to the new things she tries.

- Our church lost a hero on Friday! My previous post talked about leadership. Well, we lost an incredible leader/servant for God. Please read  Pastor Buddy’s blog post about it. He wrote probably some of the nicest words I have ever read about someone!

- I’m still reading UnChristian by David Kinnaman.

 - This weekend was crazy, but amazing!

- All the church staff that was going to be back for our services at three locations, got their flights canceled. Including our guest speaker!

- Chad Clem had to speak at the last minute and did an incredible job!

- I got to facilitate the service down at our new location in Colonie!

- The people down there are great! I loved it! I will blog about them later…

- Denver, Colorado consumes less prune juice per capita than any other city in the United States.

Student Leadership (#1)

 As we continue to grow as a student ministry, we are starting a Student Leadership program. We are going to meet frequently and talk about what it looks like to be a student leader. Below is something that I am sending to our students that are interested in leadership – at church, at school, at home, at work etc… Also, check out the book – “Help, I’m a Student Leader” by Doug Fields.


 If you asked the president of a large company for a one-word definition of leadership, she might describe it as enthusiasm, drive, power, presence, or competence. These words are often associated with the world’s view of leadership. But if you investigate Jesus’ leadership requirements for His closest followers, you’ll see that only one word makes it to the top of his list. It’s not an attractive word. Ready? Drum roll, please…Jesus asked his leaders to… serve. Serve! 

I understand–it’s quite shocking at first. But if you want to follow the lead of Jesus, you’ll find the primary objective of a biblical leader is to serve. Carefully read this verse to understand how Jesus wants his closest followers to act:

You know that in this world kings are tyrants, and officials lord it over the people beneath them. But among you it should be quite different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant… (Matthew 20:25-26)

Jesus’ selection of leaders could be considered either insane or ingenious. But since he was God in the flesh, let’s assume His leadership judgment fits in the latter category. The first 12 men He chose to lead with him included five fishermen, a tax collector, and six others whose occupations are a complete mystery. Sometimes we wonder why Jesus chose these men instead of those who were already seen as leaders. Whatever the reason, the greatest leader ever to live chose ordinary guys to lead with him.

Clearly, Jesus connected serving to leading. He deepened the definition of leadership when He described himself as a servant rather than a king:

“For even I, the Son of Man, came here not to be served but to serve others, and to give my life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28).

Jesus didn’t just speak about serving; He modeled it. He put the needs of others first and placed Himself in positions where serving was necessary. Ultimately, this posture of servanthood led Him to the cross–to serve the needs of humanity. He served without reservation, and the greatest act of servanthood was also the greatest act of leadership our world has ever seen. Think about that for a moment. Jesus. God in the flesh. All-powerful, all-knowing, all God, and yet, all servant–to everyone!

He served the down and out, the sinner, the outcast, the lonely, and the poor. Leader? Yes. Servant? Absolutely! As Jesus served, He created and led a movement with the potential to influence others! Given Jesus’ actions, my definition of leadership would include two key words: serve and influence. Jesus did both. That’s leadership! If you want to be a leader–not just a student leader, but a Christian leader–you must learn to lead like Jesus. How? By serving others.

When you serve others, you’ll have the opportunity not only to lead, but also to change the image of leadership in your church, in our student ministry, in your family, and in your school. So instead of viewing a leadership role as a chance to exert power and voice your opinions, view it as an opportunity to serve. When you do, you’ll succeed at leadership, and you’ll grow to be more like Jesus. Are you ready to do that?

Great Opportunity for Northway Church

Our senior pastor, campus pastors, and media director went down to Fellowship Church this week to attend the C3 Conference. Next week they are going up to to hang out with Craig Groeschel and his staff. This is a great opportunity since they will be able to meet with some of the pastors of churches that are doing what Northway is doing. God has blessed pastor Buddy with great connections.

Check out Brian Howe’s blog for updates on what they are doing, learning, etc… I am looking forward to seeing his updates!

So this was almost me last week…

This video reminded me of what almost happened to me last week. I was walking down a busy street during a snow storm and…well…just watch the video…

I think she should take her own advice to heart!

Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- God worked an incredible MIRACLE in our Pastor’s family. No, seriously! It’s amazing!  Check this out! (Read the last few posts of the blog)

- It’s been a hard, but very good and productive week!

- I still have so much to learn about the blogging world!

- I might have a couple readers now. Hi mom!

- I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming and planning for Student Ministry.

- My brain hurts.

- My car broke down at a perfect time this week since it was snowing and I couldn’t work anyway.

- Valentine’s Day was awesome with Leah. We pretty much just stayed home this year.

- UNITED Serves kicked off this past weekend and was awesome! (see post below)

- At Northway Church this weekend I was reminded that the root of bitterness can destroy me, and keep me from doing all that God wants me to do. It was an awesome service! CHECK IT OUT! It will be there probably by tomorrow!

- I spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble yesterday with Leah. I picked up a couple of books, one of which is Unchristian” by David Kinnaman.

- The book talks about “What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity… and Why it Matters…”

- I have some friends that have read this book. I am looking forward to reading it.

- I will blog about it as I go.

Have a great week!


At Northway Church there are tons of volunteers (VIP’s) that serve every week in many different ways. It is great to see! There is one particular group of adults that come to the church every Friday night and clean our Malta campus. When people come to our weekend services, it is easy to overlook the time and effort that went in to making the place clean.

Our student ministry has been involved with community service for quite some time now. UNITED serves is our program for getting students active in making a diference at our church, in our neighborhoods, and abroad. One of our adult leaders, Barb, had a great idea to take a group of students to clean our Malta campus once a month. This would give the adults that have been doing this week after week a well deserved break. So Barb took the first 10-15 students that signed up and they went at it. By the time I got there, they were already stacking chairs, mopping, scrubbing toilets, vacuuming, etc… (you get the picture). It was awesome to see them give up some of their Friday night to serve. It was a great end to a long work week to be able to go hang out with them (and help a little too). :)

Valentine’s Day

So this guy “St. Valentine” really left a legacy. It’s now 1800 years later and thousands and thousands of people call their significant other their “valentine” on February 14th. I knew that this guy Valentine fell in love while in prison and gave the girl he was in love with a card on the day he was executed that was signed “From Your Valentine”. I didn’t know that most people say that he was in prison for helping early Christians escape from harsh Roman prisons that would torture and execute them. That is pretty cool!

 Anyway, I have had the same “Valentine” now for eight years! I know that is not a long time for many older couples, but time definitely flies by either way! This is actually the first time that Leah and I took it easy and stayed home. Usually we go out and do something we wouldn’t normally do any other time of the year. I have got to say though that it was really nice to just stay home and hang out. I attempted to make some heart shaped blueberry pancakes (it didn’t work, but they still tasted good) and then we just got to chill.

 I love Valentine’s Day! All because one guy (Valentine) decided to make a difference and at the same time happened to fall in love, we celebrate our love for our “special person” in an extra special way on February 14th. I hope that I can leave a legacy that outlasts my life too!

Just the thoughts of a new blogger person…