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Weekly Re-Cap

So at the end of each week I’ll re-cap some of the stuff I did, stuff I saw, stuff that happened, etc…

Here we go…

- It is February and we had at least two thunder and lightening storms this week…

- Is that supposed to happen?

- My sales job took me into the Hudson Valley…

- There are some really nice towns down there. Hyde Park…Hudson…New Paltz etc…

- This past Thursday the Northway Church staff was invited to the quarterly staff meeting at .

- It was amazing! I got to connect with a couple more of their global student ministry leaders and hear a great talk from Craig Groeschel

- Craig challenged his staff to truly look deeply into their lives, find the junk that makes them vulnerable, and then tell their accountability partner.

- For more about what Craig talked about, check out Pastor Buddy‘s blog post about it.

- My (actually Leah’s) car broke down twice this week! Something bad is going on.

- This past weekends services were amazing!

- We started a series called “Confessions of a Pastor”. Everyone one was challenged to start journaling. THis is going to be an awesome series.

- Our church produces some of the best HD media out there. Seriously!

- The highlight of the week was last night! I got to go on a date with my beautiful wife Leah. We braved the high wind and extreme cold to go get dinner and a movie!

- The best part was the ride home. We took my Jeep (since the car doesn’t work), and the passenger door hasn’t opened in a month. The drivers door was finally working properly until last night. It doesn’t click shut now! I had to take off my belt and loop it through the handle so Leah could hold the door shut while we drove home. I’ll post more about our vehicle situation later this week. Trust me…It’s actually quite humorous! :)

- Good times…

Welcome to my official blog!

That’s right…I have just joined the crazy world of blogging. Who came up with the word “blog”? Anyway, I’m excited to try this out! I’m looking forward to sharing things that are going on in life, and keeping in touch with all the other bloggers out there. Feel free to comment any of my posts! I’ll try to keep this blog updated!