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High School LIFT Camp (#8)

A few of our guys showed up for a competition called “men in ministry” the other day. They thought it was a class about student leadership, but it was actually a preaching competition. I went to go get them and tell them what it really was, but when I went in there they were already sitting there listening to other guys preach. It came to the end and I silently challenged them to just get up there on the whim and talk from the heart.

Jordan Keefe and Will Bush did! It was awesome! A couple other guys would have too, but we ran out of time!

Jordan got up there first with great confidence and titled his message – “TETRIS”! Yes…it’s the never-old puzzle game that everyone plays on their cell phones. Jordan applied tetris to the Christian life and how the pieces can either just fall into the right place or the wrong place. They can fall fast or fall slow etc… He did a great job!

Will got up there too and talked about John 3:16! God didn’t just “love the world”, He “SO loved the world”! He applied the verse to how much God cares for us and knows the best for us!

They were great! I gave them each 100 points even though I’m not allowed to give away points! I will have them do a guest blog post soon to tell you all about their messages!

Here are the pics that I took with my phone!

Here is Will…


and Jordan!


High School LIFT Camp (#7)

Today, we have continued to have Pastor Buddy and Brian with us! By the way, IT’S BRIANS BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!! Go visit his blog and say hello!

Each day after the morning service, our group meets together to talk and see how everyone is doing. Pastor Buddy was our official guest! He got in front of our group and said that if there was only one thing that he could say to them it would be…THANK YOU! He thanked them for being a REVOLUTION this past year since our last High School camp! he challenged them to step it up even further and to be LEADERS in God’s church! Yes…STUDENTS! They can do it and they will do it. He also challenged them to run after wisdom when they get home from camp and the situations of life take root again. It was great to have them here with us!

More pics:


Pastor Buddy pumping up the group! (Not everyone would fit in the picture!)



The camp sang Happy Birthday to Stephen (below…drinking gatorade with his left hand)!


High School LIFT Camp (#6)

Every morning, Rich Straight gets up and takes Brianna and a few guys running around the campus. (I here that Brianna sets the pace.) Rich is my roommate. Why don’t I take them? Well…I would, but who is to stay behind and bang on the doors of 30 High School boys that are tired, cranky, and excited to hear me say that its 7:00 am and time to wake up? Thanks Rich! :) For some reason, I feel that this morning might be the hardest morning of all to wake them up…

Last night was crazy hair night! Some of the girls might have been a little upset with me for telling them that crazy hair night (which was just for our church) starts at dinner! They were to come to dinner with their crazy hair. Well, that message only got out to a few girls so when they walked into the cafeteria for dinner…they kind of got a few hundred awkward stares. I love it! Everyone else did their hair AFTER dinner. Sorry guys!

Here are some more pics!


Crazy hair night!! (I think Katie (3rd from left) turned her hair into the Eifel Tower.)


Yep! They showed up like this!



Guys B-Ball tournament! They got like 26th place out of 23, but it was 7am! I think that they are absolutely amazing basketball participants! Don’t you? Give them a nice round of applause at your computer! Don’t be shy…


I don’t have too many answers to the questions your asking yourselves about this picture below. All that I can say is that it’s Will, Dave, Jake, and Jordan being Will, Dave, Jake and Jordan! Enough said…


Air-conditioned rec room!


High School LIFT Camp (#5)

“BUFFALO!” “I call BUFFALO!” At just about every meal here at camp, those words are thrown around to anyone that is taking a nice peaceful sip of their drink using their right hand. If you get caught and someone yells “Buffalo”, then you have to chug down your drink no matter how much is left in the cup. I refuse to participate in such childish play. :)

It’s an end to another full day! Camp is a marathon! I love it though. We definitely didn’t come here to rest!

Pastor Buddy and Brian came down this afternoon to spend some time with us. It is great to have them here.  They have been encouraging the students and leaders and were satisfied with how much our students have UNITED this week! Oh…everyone couldn’t wait until they saw Buddy take a sip of his drink with his right hand. You can probably  picture what happened and what reaction the “buffalo-er” got! It was pretty funny.

Aaron Cavin spoke another great message tonight. He really connected with our students about the fact that we find our true identity in Jesus Christ! We can be limitted by the “classifications” that everyone throws around to describe people! The Bible says that we can  be a child of God and that is ENOUGH!


I know…I know…you just want pictures! Here we go with a few…


Team Awesome #1 (pictured below) got beat by team Awesome #2 (The Adult Leaders!!!…unfortunately not pictured below)


yeah…they tried to make my hair do the whole mohawk thing…It failed!




More pics tomorrow! Good night…

High School LIFT Camp (#4)

Hey everyone! I haven’t forgot about you. It took about 20 minutes to just upload one picture. haha I am trying to figure something out, and will post some more asap!

We are having a great week! I just bought red hair dye (temporary), red face paint, red make-up, red lipstick, hair glue, and more. We are getting all decked out tonight in red for the evening service! I’ll take plenty of pictures!

High School LIFT Camp (#3)

Another great night! Aaron Cavin, who just spoke at our last UNITED event at Northway, is our speaker again this year for camp! God is still using him in an incredible way. Tonight, he really hit our students hard with the fact that when we sin against God, we are cheating on Him. We are saying that what Jesus did on the cross is not enough, and that the sin we are committing is what we need at the time. Aaron went on to explain that even though we constantly choose to many times do wrong, God will always love us and accept us. Are we willing to accept what Jesus did for us on the cross, or are we going to search for other things that we think will meet our needs.

It’s only Tuesday and we have already had FOUR of our students accept Jesus into their lives! There is nothing better than being able to be there and pray with a student when they “get it”.

Oh…we changed our team from just “the red team” to “team awesome”!

More pics and hopefully some video coming on Wednesday!

High School LIFT Camp (#2)

Great day so far! It’s hot, but not totally bad!

Here are a few pics… Many more to come!



Cheering Team Awesome (us) on at ultimate Frisbee:


This is just our group:



High School LIFT Camp (#1)

We made it! Over 70 people in 3 non-A/C vehicles and 2 A/C vehicles. I bet you know what vehicle I was in…nope! I was on the bus, but at least I didn’t get “thrown under the bus”. Get it? haha

Anyway, enough embarrassing myself! We are having a great time so far! For camp weeks, Mondays are always the slowest, but you couldn’t tell that if you saw our students! I am so proud of them! Out of 70, only about 16 have been to camp before! Most of the 70 got dropped off on Monday without knowing any other students. Let me just say, now everyone knows everyone! Within the first day our student ministry was UNITED! We are the RED team this year, and the other teams better watch out, because I would definitely not want to mess with these guys! They have some serious talent. They are the loudest (I mean that in a good way), most prepared group here at camp…

I didn’t get to blog yesterday, since we were still figuring out the Internet situation, but I should be uploading pictures throughout the day today.

Thank you so much for praying for us! We have some great adult leaders (I’ll introduce them to you later) that are really investing in the lives of these students this week!

I have to go for now so I can decide if I should be like all the students or if I should actually brush my teeth this morning. Nah…I think I’ll lead by example. Everything matters!

See you later today!

Weekly Re-cap / Thoughts

- It’s been pretty crazy between my job and camp planning!

- I love it though!

- My mom just turned 60! She is an amazing godly person, and I’m so glad that she is my mom! I will introduce her to you soon!

- It was another amazing service at Northway this weekend! We worshipped our hearts out to God.

- We could not of had a better jump start to our week at camp!

- We are up over 70 now for camp! That is nuts! Anyone else want to go?

- It is all God!

- We are taking another bus, a couple of suburbans, a mini-van, and a couple of cars!What’s with Northway people and suburbans? :)

- This is my 8th year of bringing students to camp, and it’s the first year that it has worked out for Leah to come with me! I’m so excited. She is too…I think! :) Usually, she doesn’t come so that she can use her time off from work to go away somewhere with me outside of church stuff. I’m glad it worked out this way, though!

- Oh…and the oldest of her three younger brothers, Theo, is coming! He is going into ninth grade! That will be cool. He will tare it up on the B-Ball courts!

- How do you pronounce “Evian“…as in Evian water? Is it Av-e-on, E-v-ian, or A-v-ian? Please let me know. Part of our camp week depends on the proper pronunciation of that word!

- PLEASE pray for us this week!

- I will be blogging from camp all week long! Pics and more pics! (And hopefully more video!)

High School LIFT Camp!

thirst-for-blog.bmpWe are ready for round two of our summer camps! On Monday, we are taking a group of 70 down to Nyack, Ny for our High School camp! Our church has been awesome with getting behind our student ministry camps! We will have taken over 130 to camp this year. God is amazing!

I will be blogging all week from camp! Make sure you come back and check out the updates. I’ll post pictures and let you all know how things are going at camp!

Please pray for our adult leaders and High School students this week! We have five days with them, and my prayer is that every single student gets connected and comes back changed!