Valentine’s Day

So this guy “St. Valentine” really left a legacy. It’s now 1800 years later and thousands and thousands of people call their significant other their “valentine” on February 14th. I knew that this guy Valentine fell in love while in prison and gave the girl he was in love with a card on the day he was executed that was signed “From Your Valentine”. I didn’t know that most people say that he was in prison for helping early Christians escape from harsh Roman prisons that would torture and execute them. That is pretty cool!

 Anyway, I have had the same “Valentine” now for eight years! I know that is not a long time for many older couples, but time definitely flies by either way! This is actually the first time that Leah and I took it easy and stayed home. Usually we go out and do something we wouldn’t normally do any other time of the year. I have got to say though that it was really nice to just stay home and hang out. I attempted to make some heart shaped blueberry pancakes (it didn’t work, but they still tasted good) and then we just got to chill.

 I love Valentine’s Day! All because one guy (Valentine) decided to make a difference and at the same time happened to fall in love, we celebrate our love for our “special person” in an extra special way on February 14th. I hope that I can leave a legacy that outlasts my life too!

Just the thoughts of a new blogger person…

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