At Northway Church there are tons of volunteers (VIP’s) that serve every week in many different ways. It is great to see! There is one particular group of adults that come to the church every Friday night and clean our Malta campus. When people come to our weekend services, it is easy to overlook the time and effort that went in to making the place clean.

Our student ministry has been involved with community service for quite some time now. UNITED serves is our program for getting students active in making a diference at our church, in our neighborhoods, and abroad. One of our adult leaders, Barb, had a great idea to take a group of students to clean our Malta campus once a month. This would give the adults that have been doing this week after week a well deserved break. So Barb took the first 10-15 students that signed up and they went at it. By the time I got there, they were already stacking chairs, mopping, scrubbing toilets, vacuuming, etc… (you get the picture). It was awesome to see them give up some of their Friday night to serve. It was a great end to a long work week to be able to go hang out with them (and help a little too). :)

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