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Patience! It’s the one thing so many Christians say you should never pray for! Once you pray for it, it’s like you’re doomed to have some serious trials that cause you to slow down and…well…be PATIENT! I didn’t pray for it, but I have definitely been learning patience this past few weeks.

One way in particular, is with my car situation. As many of you know, I work in sales and depend heavily on my car. Well, my (technically Leah’s) car died a couple weeks ago. It is currently smoking, leaking oil, vibrating like crazy, and stalling at red lights. This means I have to drive my Jeep (which Leah and I both love) while working, but it is so unpractical for the amount of driving that I have to do each week. Leah has been driving the broken car to work and back (only two miles round trip each day), and I have put the Jeep up for sale in order to get someting more practical for work. :( Well, I specifically prayed that nothing will go wrong with my Jeep so I can sell it.

Today, I found that my Jeep is leaking engine coolant and probably needs a radiator. Nothing has really ever gone wrong with my Jeep in like three years. It’s mint! On top of that, I was driving up a hill at a busy intersection in Colonie with a fire truck behind me when I ran out of gas! There was nowhere to pull off!! What do I do?

The next thing I know, this biker dude comes out of nowhere and starts directing busy Colonie traffic around me. Once it got clear enough, he helped me push my Jeep down the hill and around onto a side road. I began to thank the guy, and he went on to tell me he is part of the local Hell’s Angels. Why did he tell me that? I don’t know. He then asked me to follow him into his garage, since he lived on the corner. I got scared. He began walking fast so I just grabbed my phone and followed! Sure enough he opened his garage door and had a couple of Harley’s, one of those chopper bikes where your arms stick up in the air, and a 1974 Jeep Wrangler in mint condition. Oh…he also had a gas can! He began to show me all of his “toys” that he owned, and I made sure I looked very interested. To make a long story short, I went and got gas down the street and came back to find him waiting for me at my Jeep. We then talked for half-an-hour about Jeeps, the Hell’s Angels leather jacket he was wearing, and Northway Church – Colonie. :) I’m glad I ran out of gas and made a new friend!

It was in that moment that my stress level diminished and I just slowed down and took it all in. I now am laughing as I write about this just a few hours later. I ended up not selling anything all day and now have to deal with another auto repair, but you know what? How I deal with these situations can either help make me become a better person, or it can make me grow bitter. I want to take the first option and trust God that He is in control and will not let me go through something that I can’t handle! (1 Corinthians 10:13)

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