Gasoline and Great Friends

files.jpgI feel the need to give a special shout out to Steve, Jen, and Staci for making my night go a little better!

 Leah and I just got back from our adult Connection Group…and watching the Red Sox/Yankees game…and watching American Idol…and eating great hamburgers, hotdogs…and using potato chips to eat baked beans…and RUNNING OUT OF GAS (car gas) AGAIN!

Yep, that’s right…I ran out of gas again! I left for our C-Group thinking that I had enough gas to get a few extra miles in before getting to the “5 cent cheaper” gas station . I say “I” because Leah will have nothing to do with my dumb decision to try and make it further than the three gas stations in town! :)

Well, sure enough my jeep began to do it’s “cough” in the worst possible part of Rte 67 (for those of you who know where that is). First, I thought to call AAA, but then realized that I had already used up all my service. Then, miraculously one name came to mind…STEVE B! I called him and he was already in route to our C-Group and was more than willing to come rescue us! Staci drove, Steve held the gas can, and Jen laughed at me! Steve and I almost blew up when our hands accidentally touched and sparked in the exchange of the gas can.

They are my heroes! We got to make it to our first BBQ of 2008! Thanks guys!

Oh…I now also own my third gas can!

7 Responses to “Gasoline and Great Friends”

  • Lori:

    I agree with Leah – it’s not worth passing up other gas stations, lol! :) Running out of gas on busy roads is dangerous – but glad you have GREAT friends! :)

  • Kevin:

    Did I mention that MY GAS GAUGE IS BROKEN? Well, it is. :)

  • 5 cents x 20 gallons = $1.00 in savings x 5 times a month = 5 bucks x 12 months = 60 bucks x 10 years = 600 bucks savings…Leah hating u and requesting that $600 tiffany’s bracelet immediately…$600-600….


    $0.00 savings


  • Kevin:

    Thanks for making that clear! Did you go to RPI or something? haha

  • steve:

    I made someone’s blog! I made someone’s blog!

  • Leah told me that your gas gauge was broken but when she said it she used air quotations and made a funny face, saying: Kevin thinks his “gas gauge is broken”…maybe it’s not the gas gauge? LOL – we’re just glad you made it! Otherwise I would have eaten a lot more hot dogs.

  • Kevin:

    haha…now all five of my readers know who you are!

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