Question From a Student (#5)

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QUESTION: I feel like I don’t have the same excitement for God that I used to have. How can my faith grow?

I love it when people ask this kind of question! It shows that they are serious about getting it right!

The truth is that there is not just ONE way that you can grow. Sometimes we look at certain “strong” Christians, and we say that we have to be like them and do what they do in order to grow. If they wake up each morning and read 20 chapters in the Bible, and then pray for two hours all before breakfast, then that doesn’t mean that that is what you have to do in order to see yourself grow.

Here are just a few thoughts about what you could start doing: 

- Make a series of small commitments. If you read one Bible verse a day because before you never read anything in the Bible, then that is a step forward. If you pray for one minute a day because before you never prayed at all, then that is making a step forward. God is thrilled with one verse a day or praying for one minute a day because it is more than you were doing before! Keep building on those “baby steps”, and years from now that one minute a day will turn into many many minutes a day! God is more concerned with your heart then anything else.

- Serve! Whether it is serving in the church, or serving in the community, God wants us to serve others! Just the fact that you have a computer and are reading this right now means that you have more resources than most of the world! Every time you serve someone else, you grow spiritually.

- Get connected! The “incubator” of spiritual growth is when you are connected with other Christians. This is why our church has connection groups! You can grow on your own, but the way that it is enhanced or put into overdrive is when you surround yourself with people that believe what you do and also want to grow! The church is a place to BELONG, BECOME, BE USED! (I’ll talk more about that later)

- Ask the ”HOW” question! When you come to church, UNITED, camp etc…, don’t just come to be entertained. Come into it, and leave asking….HOW CAN I BE A DIFFERENT PERSON TOMORROW BECAUSE OF WHAT I LEARNED TODAY? James 1:22 says, “Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are a listener when you are anything but, letting the Word go in one ear and out the other. Act on what you hear!” As you grow spiritually, don’t always expect an adult leader to tell you what to do. Always ask yourself how you an apply the truth from the Bible to your life. What did I learn today? What are some action steps that I can take to apply it to my life?

I’ll end with this…God often uses the uncomfortable situations in life as growth opportunities. This might be talking to someone else about God, confronting a friend that is messing up, etc… It’s in those uncomfortable moments or times when we take a risk for God, that He brings some of the greatest lessons for spiritual growth. So, next time you’re at UNITED or church and you see that person standing by themselves not really knowing what to do, go take that growth step and hang out with them.

I will definitely write more about this in the future. There are so many other things that we can do! :)

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