EXPELLED – Movie Worth Checking Out

I don’t like to promote or review movies on here, but I feel like the movie Expelled is worth checking out.

There used to be a day not too long ago when you would walk into a public school anywhere in this country to find mandatory prayer in every classroom, teachings about God and creation, great moral values being praised, etc… Today in public schools prayer is looked down on, students have to fight to have “Christian clubs”, moral values are not a priority, and Creationism or Intelligent Design is said to hold no ground to evolution!

In the movie Expelled, Ben Stein gives a compelling argument for Intelligent Design. He shows how many professors and scientists of high-profile Universities across the country are coming to the conclusion that there is more proof for Intelligent Design (ID) than there is for Evolution. The problem is that when these scientists have tried to come forward with their new theory, they are being threatened to lose their job if they don’t keep silent! The movie give a fair and balanced approach f just looking at the facts.

Enough of me writing…watch this video and decide for yourself if the documentary movie is worth checking out…PLEASE SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS…

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

4 Responses to “EXPELLED – Movie Worth Checking Out”

  • Marti:

    As of last week, the only place local you could catch it was Crossgates. Hopefully it’ll come to Saratoga County. Of course, we can wait a few months and rent it on DVD. It is ironic that in the hallowed halls of higher education, the place people are SUPPOSED to investigate new ideas, this is where creative design is THE MOST despised and feared.

  • Kevin:

    Marti – Crazy, isn’t it? This is definitely worth watching…

  • Nicole:

    Thanks Kevin! I definitely will watch this, and spread the word about it.

  • Kevin:

    Thanks Nicole! That’s awesome!

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