Got to Love Vermont

stowe_church.jpg I love Vermont. Well, I love to visit anyway.

Leah and I are leaving for Vermont tonight to celebrate Greek Easter! I guess the Grecians don’t like to celebrate it at the same time as the rest of the world. Oh well! :) The name Greek Easter, when translated into the Kevin language means “feast”. I can’t wait!

Anyway, have you ever been to Vermont? I met a hot girl from there (Leah), got married there (to Leah), and bought maple syrup there. I do enjoy visiting…

Actually, the church in the picture above is the church that Leah and I got married in! Pretty cool, right?

Here are just a few of my observations about Vermont and it’s wonderful people:

- They have four seasons…Winter, More Winter, Still Winter (a.k.a. Mud), Construction

- Their idea of a traffic jam is five cars trying to pass a logging truck.

- Many Vermonter’s wear hunting clothes to social events….

- All you can find in Victoria’s Secret is flannel.

- Most Vermonter’s have more miles on their snowblower than their car.

- The town officials greet you on the street by first name.

- People use their car trunk as a deep freezer for their deer meat.

- The most effective mosquito repellent is a shotgun!

- Vermonter’s design their Halloween costumes to fit over a snow suit.

- They have some of the nicest people, coolest small towns, and tons of fun stuff to do year round! :)

8 Responses to “Got to Love Vermont”

  • Marti:

    Actually, “Still Winter” is really known as “Mud”…and as a Vermonter, I experienced many of those. Born and raised in a little town outside of Middlebury, UVM Grad, brother STILL lives outside Woodstock. Fantastic place, unless you’re in the mountains trying to get cell service.

  • Kevin:

    haha! That’s funny ’cause I was goingto put “mud” instead! I’m going to go add it now! :)

  • Susan Murrell:

    Vermont is the greatest!! Surprised you didn’t mention your “mother” grew up in Vermont–in Brandon, Vermont. (on Route 7 between Rutland and Middlebury) I had the view of the Green Mountains from my bedroom window! It was a wonderful place to spend the childhood years.

  • Kevin:

    Oh…MY MOTHER IS ALSO FROM VERMONT! (I guess I thought everyone already knew that!) She had pet ducks… :)

  • Jordan:

    …..Nice picture

  • Thanks Jordan! haha

  • Cassie:

    Oh hey there, it’s the hot girl’s sister. it’s Mud Season! The winters are 6 months long; at least it feels like it. April doesn’t happen until May, spring is in June, and then you have 2 glorious months of beautiful summer. I love Vermont. I’m moving to Mercury – I hear it’s warmer there.

    How about that spanakopita, ‘eh?

  • Mud season it is then! You are the Vermont expert! :)

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