2008 = Year of Babies and Weddings


Leah and I are officially in the stage of life where many of our friends are either now married and starting to have kids, or are just now finally getting married!

Just this year, we have:

- 8 friends having babies!

- 7 sets of friends getting married!


hillbilly1.jpgWe are soooo excited for them all! The whole baby thing is scary, but Leah and I are happy that we have so many friends to closely “observe” so that by the time we decide to have our own future Red Sox Ace we know all about the do’s and don’ts! I always feel like I have SO much to learn about parenting, but then I watch friends have babies and see how sometimes parenting just comes naturally. Babies still scare me though. They just stare and cry helplessly like they are trapped. :)

There are two couples that we especially have been able to learn from recently. Jason and Kristy just had their baby in January, and they are awesome parents! Brian and Libby are due later this year and are doing great. As far as I last understood, they are naming the baby Kevin if it’s a boy. Brian promised me while he was half asleep a while back, but I don’t think Libby knows that yet. I’ll make sure she finds out. :) Either way they have some kind of competition HERE to name their baby in case “Kevin” doesn’t work out. (Like if it’s a girl or something)

As far as weddings, our next one is less than one month away. My brother, Derek (not pictured above), is getting married to Amy (also not pictured above) down in Lynchburg, VA. Yep! They are both heavily involved with Liberty University! I will be blogging about them in the near future. (With their permission of course!) Feel free to send them a toaster or waffle maker. Tell them I sent you.

For now, Leah and I are enjoying our childless state, but who will be the next couple to make an announcement? Hmmm.

**FYI** – In no way are Leah and I planning on having a baby any time soon! Sorry mom(s)!

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