Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- I don’t know where to start…

- I had a really wierd work week trying to stay close to home because of two struggling cars.

- The Revolutionweek three at Northway was awesome!

- Pastor Buddy baked a cake on stage for mothers while he talked about the ”ingredients” for a church that lasts. Good stuff…

- Leah’s sister Cassie came over from Vermont for the Albany Tulip Festival.

- I don’t really care for tulips too much…I’m allergic and they smell wierd.

- Did you check out my horribly corny and cheesy tulip video blog yet??? (scroll down or click the link)

- Leah says I should stop making fun of tulip lovers.

- I will post some pics probably later today of our tulip experience since it was so life changing…

- The Jeep is in the shop today…finally! It needs a radiator pretty bad!

- MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED TO AMY THIS WEEK!Leah and I are heading down to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA on Thursday! I’m blogging about them later this week.

- I went ahead and got a car rental for the week since it’s cheaper and my Jeep is in the shop. I talked the guy into giving me a dark gray Cadillas CTS instead of the white Ford Focus. Anyone want to go for a ride? :)

- Come back tomorrow for the next Question From a Student…It has to do with students relationships with their parents.

- We have around 100 students going to camp so far!!! Incredible!


img_2988.JPG- The word “tulip” comes from the Ottoman Turkish word for turban or muslin.

- In Victorian times, red tulips were considered a declaration of love, making them an ideal gift for any romantic occasion. So where do roses come in?

- When you see a tulip that looks like it has stripes it is actually a virus that causes that. It is grown that way on purpose.

- We have single tulips, double tulips, fringed tulips, lily-flowered tulips, and parrot tulips.

- When tulip bulbs are harvested, the apical meristem is vegetative. Does that mean you can eat it? If I had only known this before I wouldn’t have eaten all that fried dough!

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