The Internet Craziness

It is crazy what we can do with the Internet! I watched a documentary on the History Channel (Hey…you don’t have to be in your 60s to watch it) about the evolution of the Internet the other day, and was blown away by how fast the Internet took off. As of 1990 there were only 300,000 people using the Internet with a computer and a phone. It cost $200/year and you had to really know a lot to use it. It’s kind of like the internet Kip had on Napoleon Dynamite!

I have to admit…I didn’t even use the Internet until I was a freshman in college! (1999…Stop doing the math!) I had a Juno email account. Can anyone relate? I didn’t understand it. I had no desire to use it. I really could care less. Now I can be in touch with just about every friend I ever lost contact with, I can look up and research  just about anything! Just Google it!

I can send a text or pix message from my cell phone that goes to my Twitter or Twitpic accounts, which updates my blog, which updates my Facebook, then it gives me a nice little e-mail message telling me what just took place. Craziness! Just that is too much to keep track of. Then there’s my myspace, the student ministry mysace, flickr, church e-mail, work e-mail, Red Sox scores, eBay sales, cell phone, home phone, online bill paying…..make it stop! I can’t even remember my passwords half the time. :) It’s not really as bad as it seems…

Kid’s grow up today in such a technology saturated society. I am all about technology…in fact I love it…so does Kip…if it’s used in the right way, and does not take over your life! I love networking with current friends, new friends, old friends etc… It’s a great privilege to have all of this at our fingertips.

I guess I am just kind of rambling a bit, which is why I have the randomness category. I was just thinking about this a lot since I saw that show. I just don’t want to let that stuff get in the way of my walk with God, my relationship with my wife, work, and Smallville. (Just kidding about Smallville…I think)

Here are ads for brand new computers in the 80′s:



6 Responses to “The Internet Craziness”

  • Ryan G:

    You were a freshman? Wow! You are old!

  • Yeah…I’m not allowed to say I’m old, since there are others that are older that might read this.

  • Marti:

    Ahem…yes, I’m older and must admit working on/with Tandy back in the 80′s…anyone remember “Trash 80′s”?

  • Oh…come on! You’re not old! Why would anyone want to trash the 80′s?

  • Marti:

    Kevin, you’re showing your age, or lack thereof in this case. “Trash 80′s” was a model/brand of computer we used back then. The real title was “TRS-80″, but you get the picture. They were not the most reliable, but they were ok for a PC back then.

  • haha…yeah, never heard of it! i am very satisfied with the computers of today. I can’t even imagine what they will be like iin 10 years.

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