Breaks My Heart…

bilde1.jpgPlease join me in praying for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. Last night his youngest child, Maria, was struck by an SUV in their driveway. The driver of the SUV was their teenage son. It was an accident. Maria was airlifted to a local hospital where she was confirmed dead. I can’t even imagine what this family is going through right now.

Maria was the third child that they had adopted from China. Besides being one of the most awarded Christian artists of all time, Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife have made it a life goal to help as many of the worlds orphans as they can. They formed an organization called Shaohannah’s Hope, that helps raise money for people that want to adopt but can’t afford it. Chapman believes that adoption is one of the most selfless acts that anyone can do. If you follow the link to the site, you can really see their heart!

This hits Leah and I kind of hard, since we have been researching the idea of adopting a girl from China. It seems like everywhere we turn, we have been directed to Chapman’s organization. It just pains us to think of what he and his family is going through at this time. Chapman and his family have awesome faith in God, and I know that God will give them the grace that they need.

If you read this, please just take a minute to pray for their family. Thanks!

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  • Lori:

    I know – I cried when I saw heard about this first thing this morning. The have a link to a memorial for her on the website with a video of her…little Mariah was BEAUTIFUL and it just breaks my heart. Keep me posted on yours and Leah’s plans…that would be so awesome someday to have a new little neice!!! Love ya!

  • Very sad stuff! He is writing a song abouttheir experience and the hope they have in God.

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