How Can Anyone Not…

…go see the new INDIANA JONES MOVIE???

indy4_indystance1.jpgSure…Harrison Ford is over sixty and probably gets up three times a night to pee, but who cares? He’s Indian Jones! I grew up watching the first three movies. I used to want a whip just like his, but my parents would never let me because I might whip the dog…or my sister. (I guess it was okay with them if I whipped my brothers!) I had to settle for his hat. I was a dorky seven year old.

Anyway, I doubt the fourth movie will be as good as the first three, but it’s one of those movies that you have to go see no matter what. Leah and I are going with some friends to see it at the brand new theater in Colonie! I already bought the tickets.

Is anyone else going to go see it this weekend?

Here is the good trailer:

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  • Marti:

    Saw it last night. If you’re a BIG fan of the others you will be disappointed. However, you’ll be entertained as there are lots of jungle scenes, going over cliffs, and even explaining some things we still don’t understand. A fun evening, especially seeing it at the new Colonie Center with free popcorn and soda (only thru yesterday…sorry gang).

  • I can’t believe I missed free popcorn! Oh well. I have tickets for tonight!Looking forward to it.

  • Hey Kevin, what did you think? I was hoping to go later this weekend but haven’t heard to many good things.

  • haha…It was like Star Wars, Tarzan, Indiana Jones, and Planet of the Apes all in one movie. It was worth it though just because it’s Indiana Jones!

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