memorial_day_2.jpgBrian is speaking this weekend at Northway, and he got me thinking about the idea of what a “memorial” is all about. When I got done writing his message for him (I am soooo just kidding…sort of :) ), I started thinking about this weekend and why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Every year on the last Monday in May our nation celebrates the lives of men and women who have lost their lives while serving in the Military. For some, it is a painful remembrance of a family member or friend that has lost their life while serving. For some, it is a day to be extra patriotic and applaud those that are willing to give their life for our freedom. For some, it is a time to get together with family or friends for some good BBQ and ultimate Frisbee. For some, it is just an extra day they don’t have to work.

 What is it for you? For me, if I were to be honest, I would say it has mostly been a time to get together with family or friends for some good BBQ and ultimate Frisbee. I plan on changing that a little bit this year. On Monday morning, I plan on visiting the Saratoga National Cemetery. I’ve been wanting to check it out for a while now, so I am going to just do it. I recently watched part of a documentary on WWII and grew to have such a deep respect for those veterans.

I will still make sure I eat well (“well” meaning good food, not just fruit and vegetables), and play some Frisbee, although I might settle for a good game of Jarts. All I’m trying to say is that I want to pause and show some respect for the guys and gals that gave up their lives so that I can have the freedoms that I have today. I have nothing against anyone that doesn’t do anything “patriotic” on Memorial Day, but I just figured I would try and do something different.

Leah’s family is coming over from Vermont this weekend so maybe they will come with me. They have cemeteries in VT, right? We are looking forward to a great weekend with them.

Oh…I plan on doing a couple video blog posts throughout the weekend too! I’ll introduce you to Leah’s little brothers. They are 14, 12, and 9. (I think) Come back and check out the videos if you have time! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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