Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts / Toby Comparison

- I have officially discovered the realm of video blogging!

- The cornier, the better!

- I have a food one for later today, and a UNITED one for tomorrow!

- Last week went by so fast!

- Red Sox won…Yankees lost…again!

- We had UNITED on Sunday and Aaron Cavin spoke…

- He did an amazing job! He is speaking at our High School Lift Camp this summer!

- No more UNITED until the Fall! Very sad!

- Looking forward to the “3o Hr Famine” this weekend. I’ll blog about that later this week.

- Northway kicked off the One Prayer series this Sunday! Over the next couple of weeks, we will hear from Craig Groeschel and Ed Young! Looking forward to it!


Who looks more like Toby from The Office? Me or BRIAN?


Brian does, right? For some odd reason, he thinks that I do.

(Brian is going to kill me for this!)

10 Responses to “Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts / Toby Comparison”

  • Not so much that u look like him…although u really do. You have the same personality…where did u get that pic. That is Bible College circa 2000…sweet!

  • don’t change the subject! I think we need some more people to weigh in on this one!

  • stevo:

    kev, I love your blog but youalways put something about the red sox-yankees. This is a tough year for me. Although, I just found out Ortiz might be done for the season and Dice K has rotator cuff problems. Maybe things are looking up afterall. :)
    Yes, Brian looks more like Toby than you. Actually, he probably looks more like Andy.

  • Stevo! I’m glad we can still remain friends! The yankees always do come back, it’s just a matter of when.

    Haha…Brian looks more like Toby!!! and Andy…good call!

  • Its all about the personality and u have Toby’s…not sure when the u look like….came in to play. But im down with lookin like Toby although im not sure that i do.

  • Brian…stop changing the subject! I don’t know when this whole “personality” think came into play…but, YOU want to look like TOBY? what about Andy? hmmmm. Even Libby hasn’t said anything yet… :)

  • Seth:

    Well…. have to agree that Brian looks more like Toby…
    anyway, that’s what she said…

  • Seth,
    I love that she chose Brian!!

  • OK, I think you did some serious hunting (into archives, obviously) to find a picture where he looks like Toby! Although I don’t really think either of you looks like him (while that particular picture of Brian does hold a slight resemblance), I am with Brian. There have been more than three times that I’ve watched the Tob-ster on the office and said to Brian: “It’s Kevin!”

  • Libby…I’ll give you that college yearbook pic if you want! I’m glad that you agree that Brian looks like Toby. However, I do think that it is incredibly mean that you guys think I have the personality of a fish. :)

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