Weirdest Day Ever…Seriously!

1046216566038934933s500x500q85.jpg1046216566038934933s500x500q85.jpgI am just getting back from a short business trip to Plattsburgh, NY. Plattsburgh is a large random college town on the way to Montreal from Albany.

Whenever I make little trips by myself (or actually with anyone for that matter), it’s seems like I am a magnet for wierd or awkward moments. Things happen that, from what I can tell, don’t normally take place with many other people.

For example, all of this took place in only the first day:

- I rented a car and got my least favorite vehicle of all time…a PT Cruiser. (If you have one, then good for you!) I feel like for a guy to drive one of those he needs to be at least 45 years old, single, and own lots of cats. (Again if you have one, then good for you!) Oh…and it was blueish purple!

- On the way up to Plattsburgh, I almost crashed avoiding a huge Turkey and it’s “turkey chicks” crossing the highway. I could not avoid running over two baby turkeys. I’m sorry! It was either the baby turkeys or the PT Cruiser! I guess that I should have saved the Turkeys. Right?

- I got pulled over for going 70 in a 65. Who gets pulled over for going only 5 mph over the speed limit? I do…please refer back to the second paragraph above. I got out of the ticket. Maybe I looked suspicious in the PT Cruiser.

dog-germanshepherd-01.jpg- After my work day, I went for a run along some trails around Lake Champlain. Have you ever been running and got so tired to the point that if a German Shepherd jumps out and lunges at you, then you just don’t have any energy to do anything else but let him eat you? Well, I was running and got so tired, and a German Shepherd lunged out at me from the bushes and literally tackled me to the ground! Luckily the owner was not far behind. I don’t normally yell at anyone or anything, but I was ready to lose it! It scared the living day lights out of me! The dog was apparently just trying to be friendly, but I seriously wanted a gun right then and there.

- Later that night, I went to the ghetto mall and about 10 minutes after being there I hear from the loud speaker…”Would the owner of a PURPLE PT Cruiser, license plate #(     ), please return to your vehicle.” I went out there and three security guards are surrounding the car. I had left my lights on. :)

- I was bored so decided to do something spontaneous that I had never ever done before in all of my life (I don’t think). I went to see a movie by myself. I was so nervous. My sister-in-law Cassie I guess does it all the time, so I texted her for support. She texted me into seeing Iron Man. That wasn’t even the worst part! There was about ten of us in the movie theater and some random guy (he was alone too) decided to sit four seats away from me.

So…that was my day yesterday in truest form! Weird, right? I’m just thankful for being alive and being able to have another weird day tomorrow. :)

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