Video Blog: Engagement Video

Tomorrow’s our 30th wedding anniversary!!!!! I still need to explain that later…

So…In October of 2005, I asked Leah to marry me. It was one of the best days ever!

Her mom, sister, aunt’s, and grandmother were there. We were “supposedly” just checking out a restaurant that was connected to the hotel where we were hoping to have our wedding reception at in Vermont. I surprised her and slipped away “to wash my hands for lunch”, but really put on a suit (which I hate) and came back to propose! All of a sudden the song “Falling Even More In Love With You” by Lifehouse was played (per my request), and I came back in behind her with a surprise!

As you can see, it was not the most extravagant or well-plotted proposal, but the moment was right. It was perfect for us!

Check it out:

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