Celebrating Our 30th Wedding Anniversary!

kevin-and-leah-wedding.jpgNope! That’s not a typo! Leah and I are officially celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary today!

We got married on June 24th, 1978 in the wonderful town of Stowe, VT.

I was -2 years old!

Leah was -4 years old!

We got married eight months after Leah’s parents got married!

Okay…Okay…Let me explain!

Technically, we got married on June 24, 2006, but thanks to the wonderful state of Vermont, and their clerical error, we legally got married in 1978!

You see, Ron Foster, who did our ceremony, signed the wedding certificate and sent it to the Vermont clerk for us. When they got it, somehow (I have no idea why or how) they put 1978 as the official year! Good old Vermont! Apparently, we have to “jump through a bunch of hoops”, like get married again, in order to get it fixed. I love Vermont! I’m sure that Leah would be all about another wedding!

(Didn’t I tell you that weird things just happen to me sometimes?) :)

So, in honor of 30 years of wonderful marriage, we will be registering at Tiffany & Co, Nordstrom’s, Liberty Travel, and Saratoga Jeep and Dodge. Please feel free to send your gifts to….Okay! I’m just kidding, but if for some reason you feel led to…okay…still kidding.

Anyway, the great thing is that whether it’s 30 years or 2 years, I would marry Leah all over again! She is awesome! It’s been a great “two” years!

I will be posting more about her later this week!


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