Video Blog: 2008 Anniversary Trip!

Okay…so here is a video of mostly raw footage from our trip this past week.We got in the car and started driving. We went north to Plattsburgh, across Lake Champlain, and then down through Vermont and back into New York!

Unless you are my mom, or Leah’s mom, there might be a slight chance you could get bored half way through! Just try watching it though! I dare you!

Here we go:

6 Responses to “Video Blog: 2008 Anniversary Trip!”

  • Mike:

    Great video! Glad you guys had a good time! You need to work on your bike riding skills though.

  • Aunt Donna:

    So… you never said what flavor of ice cream you ate… the suspense is killing me…

  • @ Mike – Thanks! It was a steep Vermont hill!

    @ Aunt Donna – Haha…Leah had Chunky Monkey, and I had Coffee Coffee Coffee…

  • Maybe the best video I have ever seen. I have to say, you’re blog has now become the #1 blog out of all our friends. Congratulations! way to score a new bike too!

  • Thanks Stevo! You should start a Yankees blog or something! Oh…and the bike ended up being the neighbors kids bike! Whoops!

  • ha. yeah, my first posting would be about how Papelbon got burned by a rookie last night. sorry…I shouldn’t turn this into a baseball posting. Have fun at camp!!!!

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