How We Spend Our Lives (2 of 3)

So, I had the pleasure of speaking at UNITED this past Sunday night! It is very interesting trying to talk to hundreds of students that seem not to be able to keep still. Middle Schoolers! Anyway, I talked about why we have a student ministry and our UNITED event. The bottom line is that we only have so much time that God gives us here on earth. This has hit me hard lately as I have been researching different things and praying for God’s direction. It was a wake-up call to see that we spend so much time on insignificant things, and so little time with the God of the Universe.

In the average lifetime our heart beats more than 2.5 billion times! We have :

77 years…28,000 days…670,000 hours…40,000,000 minutes…2,400,000,000 seconds!

Thats a lot of time! What are we doing with all of that time?

I already posted that we spend 15 years watching TV, and 6.5 years with the people in our household. What about the time we spend with God?

It is said that Christians spend less than 10 minutes a day with God! That’s less than 6 hours a month…less than 3 days a year…LESS THAN 7 MONTHS IN A LIFETIME that we spend with Him!

How are you spending your life? Are you making God a priority?

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