High School LIFT Camp (#5)

“BUFFALO!” “I call BUFFALO!” At just about every meal here at camp, those words are thrown around to anyone that is taking a nice peaceful sip of their drink using their right hand. If you get caught and someone yells “Buffalo”, then you have to chug down your drink no matter how much is left in the cup. I refuse to participate in such childish play. :)

It’s an end to another full day! Camp is a marathon! I love it though. We definitely didn’t come here to rest!

Pastor Buddy and Brian came down this afternoon to spend some time with us. It is great to have them here.  They have been encouraging the students and leaders and were satisfied with how much our students have UNITED this week! Oh…everyone couldn’t wait until they saw Buddy take a sip of his drink with his right hand. You can probably  picture what happened and what reaction the “buffalo-er” got! It was pretty funny.

Aaron Cavin spoke another great message tonight. He really connected with our students about the fact that we find our true identity in Jesus Christ! We can be limitted by the “classifications” that everyone throws around to describe people! The Bible says that we can  be a child of God and that is ENOUGH!


I know…I know…you just want pictures! Here we go with a few…


Team Awesome #1 (pictured below) got beat by team Awesome #2 (The Adult Leaders!!!…unfortunately not pictured below)


yeah…they tried to make my hair do the whole mohawk thing…It failed!




More pics tomorrow! Good night…

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