High School LIFT Camp (#6)

Every morning, Rich Straight gets up and takes Brianna and a few guys running around the campus. (I here that Brianna sets the pace.) Rich is my roommate. Why don’t I take them? Well…I would, but who is to stay behind and bang on the doors of 30 High School boys that are tired, cranky, and excited to hear me say that its 7:00 am and time to wake up? Thanks Rich! :) For some reason, I feel that this morning might be the hardest morning of all to wake them up…

Last night was crazy hair night! Some of the girls might have been a little upset with me for telling them that crazy hair night (which was just for our church) starts at dinner! They were to come to dinner with their crazy hair. Well, that message only got out to a few girls so when they walked into the cafeteria for dinner…they kind of got a few hundred awkward stares. I love it! Everyone else did their hair AFTER dinner. Sorry guys!

Here are some more pics!


Crazy hair night!! (I think Katie (3rd from left) turned her hair into the Eifel Tower.)


Yep! They showed up like this!



Guys B-Ball tournament! They got like 26th place out of 23, but it was 7am! I think that they are absolutely amazing basketball participants! Don’t you? Give them a nice round of applause at your computer! Don’t be shy…


I don’t have too many answers to the questions your asking yourselves about this picture below. All that I can say is that it’s Will, Dave, Jake, and Jordan being Will, Dave, Jake and Jordan! Enough said…


Air-conditioned rec room!


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