High School LIFT Camp (#7)

Today, we have continued to have Pastor Buddy and Brian with us! By the way, IT’S BRIANS BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!! Go visit his blog and say hello!

Each day after the morning service, our group meets together to talk and see how everyone is doing. Pastor Buddy was our official guest! He got in front of our group and said that if there was only one thing that he could say to them it would be…THANK YOU! He thanked them for being a REVOLUTION this past year since our last High School camp! he challenged them to step it up even further and to be LEADERS in God’s church! Yes…STUDENTS! They can do it and they will do it. He also challenged them to run after wisdom when they get home from camp and the situations of life take root again. It was great to have them here with us!

More pics:


Pastor Buddy pumping up the group! (Not everyone would fit in the picture!)



The camp sang Happy Birthday to Stephen (below…drinking gatorade with his left hand)!


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