High School LIFT Camp (#8)

A few of our guys showed up for a competition called “men in ministry” the other day. They thought it was a class about student leadership, but it was actually a preaching competition. I went to go get them and tell them what it really was, but when I went in there they were already sitting there listening to other guys preach. It came to the end and I silently challenged them to just get up there on the whim and talk from the heart.

Jordan Keefe and Will Bush did! It was awesome! A couple other guys would have too, but we ran out of time!

Jordan got up there first with great confidence and titled his message – “TETRIS”! Yes…it’s the never-old puzzle game that everyone plays on their cell phones. Jordan applied tetris to the Christian life and how the pieces can either just fall into the right place or the wrong place. They can fall fast or fall slow etc… He did a great job!

Will got up there too and talked about John 3:16! God didn’t just “love the world”, He “SO loved the world”! He applied the verse to how much God cares for us and knows the best for us!

They were great! I gave them each 100 points even though I’m not allowed to give away points! I will have them do a guest blog post soon to tell you all about their messages!

Here are the pics that I took with my phone!

Here is Will…


and Jordan!


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