VIDEO: NSM Cardboard Testimonies!!

So many of you have asked for a copy of the cardboard testimonies, so here it is! You can embed it on your personal site etc…

I am so proud of our students! For those of you who do not know what this is, it is something that was recorded live during our services this past weekend. It reflects how our students were before camp and then after camp.

Let our students know how proud you are of them!

Here is the video!

3 Responses to “VIDEO: NSM Cardboard Testimonies!!”

  • Marti:

    At first I wondered how these students could find the courage to stand up and admit these things, and then I realized that it wasn’t them, it was God and their new relationship with Him which has SO changed their lives that not only can they share this with us all, they are being a light for the power of God. They are so awesome!

  • Well said, Marti! I am so proud of them!

  • Lori:

    Wow – that’s awesome, Kev!

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