PG: Parental Guidance Required


We have a great new series starting this weekend at Northway! “Parental Guidance Required” is going to be a parenting/leadership series. I don’t have kids yet, but I love that I can go to a church that talks openly about this stuff before I do have them. (I’m not saying that I’m having them anytime soon!) I see so many parents these days longing for some direction with their kids.

I know that Pastor Buddy has been working hard, as usual, to make this series relevant to everyone that comes! Check out his blog for the trailer and to read some of his posts about the series.

ATTENTION STUDENTS!!! Don’t forget that we want you guys to sit in the front middle section for whatever service you attend! The front row in the middle is reserved on Saturday nights, but take over the second and third rows on that night, and then the first and second on Sunday! Lead worship from the seats!


Now Scroll down and watch my squirrel video! :)

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