Identity Crisis (Don’t Read!)

I feel like since I have started this blog, I have been pretty revealing about who I am as a person. Right? Well, when I was in High School and college, I went through many identity crisis’ (Is that how I say that?). Mostly on the exterior.


Take my senior High School picture for instance on the left compared to my freshman in Bible College picture on the right:


Then there’s my Junior High School picture here on the left compared to my Sophmore college picture on the right:


Here are some other pictures that have been taken:


STOP! I know what you’re thinking! I know that you’re wondering why I sometimes had a hairy forehead and always had a little scruff under my chin, but let’s stay on track here! Identity Crisis!

At least I was able to research some people you might know, which made me feel a lot better!

Do you know any of these people? These were the REAL pictures that inspired what you saw above.

Seriously…Do you recognize them?

1. 2.

3. 4.

 MORE? Naaaahhhhhh. Let me see if I keep these guys as friends first.

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