Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts

- Last week was a great week!

- I love this weather! The Fall is my favorite season.

- I love going for drives with Leah to explore. This past week our goal was to find random apple trees on the side of the road to pick from. Does this mean we are getting old? Well, what if I told you we also stopped at some antique shops too?

- Brian and Libby are going to have their baby any day now! I’m so nervous. Their blog posts have been pretty funny. Check them out. I never met anyone that had so many competitions surrounding the birth of their child. Hmmm…It gives me some great ideas of how to pay for my kid when that time comes.

- UNITED was awesome last Wednesday! We are building a ton of momentum!

- Don’t forget that UNITED is every Wednesday at 6:30, with an extra big one called UNITED LIVE coming up on October 8th!

- Church was awesome this weekend! Pastor Buddy pretty much did his whole talk while riding a bike and jogging. (He was training for a triathlon thing.)

- Learning the whole “own your own behavior” concept. It’s tuff.

- Baseball’s regular season is over! Red Sox never caught up to the Ray’s, but at least they won the Wild Card. Going to miss the first playoff game becaue of UNITED. Well worth it though! :)

- I hope you all have a productive week!

3 Responses to “Weekly Re-Cap / Thoughts”

  • Kevin,

    Great blog! Down here in Dallas, my wife and I do some of the same things like getting lost in the car and the occassional antique shop! I don’t think it’s getting old, it’s just “Mature.”

    Anyhow, sometime we should all plan a family reunion. I want to come up Northeast to visit with my wife, and do some sailing in the Annapolis area.

    Under the Pastors Getting it Done you should check out my pastor: Todd Wagner at Watermark Community Church. http://www.watermark.org. I noticed that your links showed that your are familiar with Ed Young at Fellowship. We have a bunch of blessed Churches here in DFW, sometimes hard to stick, but Watermark has great was to stay connected. Also, my absolute favorite pastor is Matt Chandler at http://www.thevillagechurch.net.

    I’ll check back soon with your blog!

    Later from the family!

    Shaun Hoffmann

  • the game is at LA, won’t start until like 9:30 I think.

  • @ Shaun – Good to hear from you! Thanks for checking out my blog! Your church does look great! That’s awesome! Ed Young is actually coming to our church on Oct 13th. It’s going to be awesome!

    @ Stevo – Thanks…I’ll probably too tired to watch the whole game. That probably makes you happy. :)

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